Restrict the usage of the Adminstrator permission by Bots


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  • Permanently deleted user
    I have to agree with this, most bots do not need the admin permission. If they do, I really do not know the reason why.
  • FatAussieFatBoy

    The main reason a bot would request Administrator is to avoid permission issues, but I agree.. there should be some way of checking if the bot really needs those permissions.

  • Karthik99999

    If you don't trust a bot with admin perms, just don't give it admin. Not that hard honestly, and it shouldn't be discord's job to do this imo.

  • _R_T_

    If it helps, you can subtract 8 from the permission number in a link, which will remove the "Administrator" permission, however, this will break the permission if the "Administrator" permission wasn't in the link.


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