Add option to disable the tray icon


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  • megannnjay
    I'm pretty sure this is a Windows setting. If you hit the arrow where the tray Icons are, There's an option to Customize what is shown
  • FelixTheCat

     I hate when apps don't give the option to disable the system tray icon. No, hiding it is not the same. There's no reason an app like Discord should force itself into the system tray. It makes me want to remove the app completely.

  • Mana

    No way to close Discord without the tray icon also contributes to this problem. I can "hide" the tray icon, but I can not close discord without it.

  • cooky560

    You can tell discord in settings to close when you click the X in the corner, so no the tray icon isn't required. It's not 1998 anymore guys, not everything needs a tray icon, please at least make the tray optional

  • Jerl

    Windows no longer includes an option to completely hide an icon.  You can either have it always shown in the taskbar or relegated to the overflow menu, but there is no way inside of Windows to completely hide a tray icon altogether.  There are too many icons in my overflow tray, and since I have literally never used the Discord tray icon for anything once the option to disable minimizing to tray was introduced, the tray icon is useless to me and just gets in the way when I'm trying to access something I *do* use from the tray.

  • Ziflin

    I agree. I prefer to pin the app to the taskbar and there is no benefit to the icon in the tray other than to waste space. Please add an option to remove it when.

  • I need this option too.

  • KatDevsGames

    JFC, it's been literally years and these clowns can't get their shit together enough for this.

    It's a damn joke at this stage.

    I'd wager a house against any Discord developer that I could have this feature completed in one day given source access. A multimillion dollar company being unable to handle this is beyond the pale.

  • Jeff McNeill

    It is now 27 November 2022, and the tray icon cannot be removed in the Linux desktop version. Same as problem above with Windows. Kindly prioritize this UI improvement requested.

  • AliceWho



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