Add notes to server invite links


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  • Adriana

    and better yet, add analytics to them!

  • flohhh

    Yes! Notes, and analytics.

    This would be super helpful!

  • Notepad

    I thought about this too, if you collaborate with another server by advertising the server and the other server advertise you, you clearly want too see the stats.

  • canned_doughnuts_

    I believe this will be useful for server administrators- the ability to add notes to the invites in the server settings, this way its easier to keep track of where the specific invites are placed (some communities will advertise over many different platforms and this would allow them to easily track and see which is the most effective). I'm thinking it wouldn't need to be any more than 30-60 characters and that edits can be made to them by anyone with whichever permission is needed to delete invite links.

  • Jade the Arctic Fox

    That is actually a very good idea!

  • BlindasaurusRex

    came here to request the same feature, would make it easier keeping tabs on invite locations.

  • dultus

    Same here - makes it easier to see from where people come from when I share the invite on different websites.

  • Syuugo

    Um, any progress on this feature request?


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