"personal pins" idea


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  • Rock Coffee

    Just came to support to find out if this was a feature or not. A personal bookmark would come in handy if I could go to my personal pin page to look up tips, hints, and guides. This is a great feature idea. 

  • WutNow

    I support this

  • haiduong87

    I support this.

  • Havelocked

    Totally agree and was thinking of suggesting this very feature myself - glad others have thought of it too. It would make a huge difference for navigating servers and finding those posts you just love to revisit or find yourself searching for frequently - and those are such personal things the normal pin feature for servers just isn't sufficient. 

  • DennisReactive

    i totally agree and support personal pins/bookmarks


  • moosecat

    I would LOVE personal pins/bookmarks. I am on various creative servers and would love to pin some DIY or inspirational stuff people post. Came here to make the suggestion so I'm glad to see there are others here!

  • 13


    We also need this feature. Our team just moved from Slack to Discord. Everything is good except the lack of ability to bookmark messages.

  • justGoron

    I had the same idea! It could work similarly to the reddit save feature. There you can save posts and view your personal list of saved posts.

  • darkronin

    this feature would be so nice!

    A workaround comes to mind:

    • create an empty server by sending a Direct message to yourself
    • rename it Bookmarks

    I did it for myself and it looks like so:

    when I want to pin for myself a post in one of the groups, I send a short message in my Bookmarks channel, with the permalink from the message from the channel. This provides a nice hyperlink and the navigation works well

    Bonus of having this in your own channel: any of these posts can be pinned and brought to the top!

  • Xodarap777

    This.  It's so simple.  Please add it!


    There are often posts that *I* want to refer back to and bookmark for my own use, but I don't have the ability!

    Should I really have to keep a google doc of message links, outside of the app??

  • Ash

    I'm surprised this hasn't become a feature yet, being that it has been here for 2 years. I would love to see a way to have bookmarks or personal pins, as there are some messages I can't use the search function for either because I can't remember exact wording or sometimes it's a picture/video that someone posted.

  • Olav

    yes please!

  • Ay

    In my head I call them personal pins bookmarks.

    Why is the feature not already present ? I bet you folks have thought about it. Is it a resources issue ?

    Graphically it is so easy to differentiate - little icon, ribbon, slightly different background color... The pin icon itself can even be the same - just dropdown into "pin" and "bookmark" where pin wouldn't be available when not admin.

  • TaurusFire

    Yes please!!

  • Hexxed

    Bookmarks, Starred Posts, Personal Pins... Doesn't really matter what you end up calling it but I think it's the most talked about feature request in the servers I use daily. Any server that focuses on help and support having personal pins to quickly jump to (and share if others start asking similar questions) is the biggest drawback to Discord compared to traditional forums. While moderators can pin things, 99% of the users can't so it's not a viable solution in the long run. Bookmarks are the answer!

  • marimo🌸

    YES PLEASE I want to be able to save posts and come back to them easily, in servers i don't have perms in/just for me even if i do have perms

  • LeJabroni

    Discord devs, we ever getting this? Maybe don't call it personal pins but instead call it bookmarks? Save for yourself only individual posts, maybe add the function to share the bookmark, and then steal from *chan the ability to see replies to the post.


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