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    Dabbit Prime

    If you have a general question about Discord please contact our support team via or tweet us @discordapp. This website is specifically for new feature suggestions to add to Discord. As such, I'm closing out this ticket as invalid.

  • Obi1

    it doesn't work for fedora 28 either

  • Toitum

    On Fedora29 and i'm stuck on Version 0.0.5

  • Sweenah

    Same here on Fedora 28. Got a message that there is an update (apparently i HAVE to update), but after running the script I:

    1) cannot find discord anywhere anymore on my fedora client

    2) after trying to install again i get the message again that there is an update ready, thus back to square one.

    Is there any possility to ignore the update and just continue being able to run discord on an older version until this is fixed?

  • LTowns

    I have a friend who helps walk me through Linux installations and he noticed this as well and recommended the Discord PTB. (A google search of this will find it easily.)


    It's working fine for me on Fedora 29, installed it just now.

  • DoubleDealer

    Same issue Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS

  • Pux

    Same as @Sweenah on Fedora 29. I usually use discord-installer to update Discord, it installed version 0.0.7 and I cannot find Discord at all. I uninstalled both Discord and discord-installer manually, then tried to install Discord using flatpak: need to update (flatpak had version 0.0.6). So I uninstalled Discord again and installed version 0.0.7 manually from .tar.gz and got the same issue as when it was installed using discord-installer.

  • kainblock

    For Fedora users(and possibly others). I manage to do update with tar file manually

    1. Download tar file from here
    2. Run nautilus as root. Open a terminal and type `sudo nautilus` . Carefully. You are root you can delete everything.
    3. Go to usr/lib64/ and duplicate the folder of discord in order to keep a backup if something goes wrong
    4. Go to Download folder and extract the tar file which you download on step 1. Location is /home/<your user name>/Downloads. Do not open new nautilus without root privileges
    5. Navigate into the extracted folder to discord0.0.8/Discord and copy all the contents
    6. Navigate again to /usr/lib64/discord and paste
    7. Open terminal and type `chmod 755 Discord` because its need to be manually executable. Yes sometimes that is strange
    8. After that type `./Discord` . Don't panic. Thats normally must execute discord and start update. If an error occurs ask God to help you. I don't need him now for me it works like hell :P


    I want to remind you again

    • I am fedora 29 64 bit user. That means the above will not be the same for all distros. For example Discord could be installed at /usr/share/lib64 or /opt or /I_dont_know/star_a_search at Ubuntu.
    • Don't mess around with nautilus when you have root privileges
    • Don't hesitate to ask me anything after reed 10 Google pages relative to your question
    • Don't mess around with nautilus when you have root privileges. Did i mention the importance ?



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