Sticky Posts in Channels (not pins)


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  • TNAN

    This would be a great additional feature!

  • mysticque


  • Robere_Starkk

    I second this, but even for just general temporary notifications.
    Fair enough to have an announcements channel, but occasionally something will crop up temporarily that you just want to say "Look, here's a thing you need to know for longer than the chat history will keep it prominent, but not long enough to put it into a dedicated channel"

    I'd even say there should be similar options to the muting, including until further notice.

    People aren't necessarily going to click and check the pins. It's extra cognitive effort. From what I can tell, mostly pins are used as a bookmark to more easily find something later, than as a 'Please look at this message' kind of thing.


    Sticky Posts on forums, sticky messages and the whole concept of "Keep this visible so people click it, it's important" would be a fantastic addition. You could even allow people to click it to jump to the context, so that people could post short messages that don't fill in the chat history, and then elaborate in context, and just sticky the short one.

  • bumpies

  • AnyMe

    Not only temporarily! I want the first post of several channels, usually a summarized description, to be visible 24/7



  • LordRaiden

    Bump! This would be awesome. However, it would NEED to allow the reactions to remain with the message. Then we can use it for polls and things also.


    Feature request: Stick message on top of a text channel – Discord

    Anyway it's like 1 year they don't even check the Feedback section anymore, last answered post is 10 months ago...

  • P_O_G

    I made a bot that does this! Its called StickyBot, feel free to check it out :)


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