Spoiler Preview


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  • Lubadubs!

    Therefor the blocking-blocks could be reused. They have an integrated text on top like "X messages blocked" which could be reassigned with the spoiler preview. An additional advantage would be that the spoiler wouldn't get as big as it can be when using the current spoiler system. It will hide even big texts or pictures in a small box which will only extend if opened. So it would also be possible to load link previews inside the boxes.

  • boss
    I really like this idea
  • charitwo
    A+ Please implement
  • Lewis
    Nice idea, however maybe a feature for servers to make it role only?
  • moo1210
    This would be a very useful thing, as when I see a spoiler I wonder what the spoiler is for, I sometimes click it and get a spoiler that I don't want, sometimes ruining the game/movie for me.
  • Bewitched.Spirit

    This would be insanely helpful.   This way if you are utilizing a bunch of spoilers it is easier to find content.  Then I can open ones I want to read and ignore ones I don't want to read.


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