Discord Suggestions (Animated Text, GIF Menu Improvements, and Image or Background Overlay


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  • cupid.rips.hearts

    That option is available on the browser.

    Probably Discord desktop has that option overridden.
    I disagree about making it into a context menu, but I agree about adding it here:

    Showing there a link to save the image should be way easier for the Discord team.

  • I'd like to add suggestion for current GIF UI:
    The ability to create Folders in Favorite GIFs folder because scrolling is a chore sometimes.
    Also maybe slider to increase or decrease size of GIF preview thumbnails by percentage or em/rem so more can fit in the same area at the same time while rows adjust for this change and put more gifs in a row if their size is reduced.
    Also maybe slider to increase GIF menu size into width and height or maybe ability to drag it to a certain size the user wants like you drag windows to change their size by clicking and dragging corner which is then memorized. 
    Would increase efficiency a lot.


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