'A' and 'An'.


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  • Zacatero
    what if somebody has a name spelled in not English?
  • Blastoise186
    Actually, I'd probably not recommend deleting it for that reason. What might work better is some kind of logic that detects whether the first letter is a Vowel, Consonant, Number or something else and working it out from there
  • V-Saga

    If someone wants to challenge themselves with that logic puzzle (so you still get "A Unicorn9000" and "An HourMan" and "A 6packdude" and "An 8Ball"), that's fine by me. :) But that seemed overkill compared to just deleting the line from the list of possible welcome messages.

  • kyoko

    hvad hvis navnet er dansk? skal det så stadigvæk hedde A eller An? 


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