Allow bots to bulk delete messages over two weeks old


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  • Darth
    Honestly not sure why this was a thing to begin with, major +1
  • ||Jojo||
    If I remember right, Discord had added this restriction to cut down some database issues. So Im not sure if remove the limit would bring the issues back, but we still need a API to clean up a channel completly.
  • Zoddo

    Yes, it's due how their database handle message deletation :

    There is also a technical explaination in this blog article: (mainly "The Big Surprise" part)

    If you need the clean up a channel completely, you can just delete and recreate it (to easily keep the permissions, clone the old channel, then delete it).

  • Kitarla

    I like this idea because some bots will allow images or links to stay and only delete text... really helpful for gallery channels.

  • Davis

    It's really simple, if it casuses stability issues on db don't delete them, just add a flag in db table to hide them?

    Honestly IDK what happens with developers nowdays..

  • Bjorn(Kerg)

    "What Christian said"

    Allow bulk deleting of messages older then 2 weeks

    this functionality should have been back a loooong time ago........

    (deleting 1 message at the time is just silly)




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