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  • αιτορ

    And I can do it myself, but it's just illegal (is what I meant the last time)

  • I completely agree, just most Xbox users don’t know about this whole Feedback thingy

  • Helpful

    Why do console need discord? They already have their own voice chat system. Xbox and PS4 would probably neglect discord because they already have their own voice chat system. Tbh, this would be too hard to develop and port over to major consoles so it is a downvote from me

  • hybridhavoc

    As crossplay functionality is becoming more and more common between the major consoles and PC, the need is growing for a proper cross-platform voice chat utility.  Discord is uniquely positioned to be able to provide that functionality, being the preferred chat tool for existing gaming communities already.

  • otoelpilot0

    As I understand, Discord developers team just need to create a universal windows app port of its Discord windows app, so it can be launched on Xbox system too, someone already tried to achieve this but unsuccessfully as his app Quarrel is buggy and audio has the worst quality.

  • SteZZz

    Goed. Als discord dit niet wilt maken. Wat houd de mensen tegen zelf iets te ontwikkelen. Blijkbaar is de vraag groot. En een nieuwe speler in de markt kan dit gat goed opvullen.
    Ik ben overigens voor een alternatief wat gamers verbind, op alle platformen

  • αιτορ

    If you mean that "Ok, discord doesn't want to do it and user either can't do it themselves because legal stuff", right.


    We need discord app on ps and Xbox . I'm a pc user but with all this crossplay we need it now

  • ChefZed

    Trying to crossplay xbox and pc and the console companion on pc sucks. Theres no mic sensitivity slider so they hear every tap on my keyboard and they hate it

  • Axios x117x

    I would love for discord voice to work on Xbox somehow. I currently play War zone with my buddies on PC and we always use discord to voice chat on the phone but it limits my hearing in the game because I have to use my cell phone instead of my Xbox.

  • Cammed Ham

    I would LOVE cros-platform voice chat. pls make this happen by the time the next gen consoles are released.


  • Durbs

    I am extremely surprised this is not a thing yet. I run a local group for gaming, and a lot of the popular games today are cross platform - so when a group is formed you have some weird decisions to make currently. I have played games with PC and Xbox using 2 apps (Discord and Xbox App) having muted the other PC players in Xbox chat, so that we can utilize Discord's noise gating feature. The person coming through Xbox chat hears every breath you make or keyboard click. PS4 is even worse, you're limited to in-game chat or nothing to PC / Xbox.

    Imagine loading up a game like Warzone or Fortnite - getting put into the voice channel with people from any platform, all being able to chat to each other while utilizing the features of Discord while also building your community. This is the world I'd like to live in.

  • Zemy

    We need this now, most of my friends play Xbox and the Xbox live app for phone is terrible, so we need discord app in Xbox

  • Rabaz

    seeing a lot of dumb comments. First, Microsoft/Sony wouldn't be responsible for making the app or  "keeping up with" updates for this. So saying they would neglect the app is dumb. Second, it is possible. I've used skype on xbone to talk with friends while playing with them. Half the time we were on the same system. Reason is, Microsoft forces chat through ipv6. Problem is, some areas of the country, e.g. where I live refuse to use ipv6 cause it's harder to control, throttle, monitor without being open to lawsuits. I know this from people I've fought with over my internet bills. So Microsoft forces xbox party chat through teredo for people playing ipv4. Teredo is a top flag for isp. so half the time, no matter what you do on your end, your isp will try to block it. half the reason is because teredo tunnels are super easy to hack people through and offer almost 0 cyber security. So saying xbox already has a good chat feature in place means you know absolutely nothing about networking. Skype still uses ipv4 and uses ipv6, if you can use use skype and play xbox games at the same time, discord has no reason to not implement itself into console. It is possible.

  • ThePieMonster

    Surprised this has not been implemented yet...

  • ConnorCF

    You can get a party chat adapter online for $10. I got this one, Elgato Chat Link - Party Chat Adapter for Xbox One and Playstation 4, and it works fine. I plug my headset into the female, the short male cord section into my laptop, and the longer section into my controller. It's not mixamp optical cord quality but still good for the price.

  • Ngumo

    This would be a great feature.  I have only just started using discord with friends to play PC games but with cross platform gaming, I would like to talk via discord to anyone no matter the console they are using.  PS4/5 and Xbox1/X/Series etc.  Especially when the new consoles come out - yes I could buy a bluetooth gaming headset for the consoles but that is an expensive solution.

  • Alpha Wolf

    I am a proponent of integrating Discord for consoles, especially the older gen (Xbox One, PS4), and the up-and-coming GOAT (PS5). I think that would be a massive boon for both the user base and the developers. Hopefully it’s not a gargantuan task, but I believe seeing a discord pop-up (one that can be toggled on or off) during gameplay wouldn’t be unpleasant to see. Doesn’t break my immersion on PC, doubt I’d be annoyed in the middle of Elden Ring or Demons Souls Remake to get a little break from getting my face stomped to talk to some friends about how we’re all getting our face stomped.

    Plus, a “cross-platform” style of Voice Chat would be so hype!

  • mxvco

    we need this please upvote

  • Kelby

    On Switch Will Be Nice for Splatoon or Ninjala 4v4s

  • DigitalDaniel

    Skype is on Xbox, but no Discord voice chat? I know Skype is owned by Microsoft but surely you guys can come to an agreement. Discord is a natural fit for Xbox (and Playstation) now with so much crossplay 

  • Torsten | Bonesurfer

    Cannot understand why this doesn't exist already, we are already in the year 2020, discord developers: and for our community a statement would be highly appreciated. Many thanks

  • Endorakai

    UWP is the BEST way to include it on Xbox. That being said, better compatibility with the browser version (no download/in-browser) for all browsers currently in use would be the more likely approach to eliminating cross platform issues while minimizing coding needed. Right now, on the Xbox (Xbox Edge Browser), the in-browser client fails to load the website properly. This causes the website to just spin the loading icon forever... Wished this would get fixed.

  • Mamu Toastè

    Please ★★★ ☭ 𝐏𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐡𝐨 ☭ ★★★ we beg you. Console friends want to talk with their pc friends. It's the new thing, cross-compatibility on games, so cross-platform discord chat should be here. :)


  • MastaG

    Bumping! I want this Soo much

  • PalleLibere

    Bumping too, this is a key feature for cross-platform titles and looking ahead for a better integration among Discord community.

  • DieBaard

    Just insane that this has not been implemented! The amount of extra users Discord will gain should be enough for them to put in the effort.

  • dajer

    It's been two years since the original feedback, and clearly there's a huge interest in this. What's happening? At least tell us, users, whether we should expect it or not?

  • Torsten | Bonesurfer

    On XBox Series X, I used to chat with Quarrel. But as this app is quite instable and consumes a lot of resources while gaming, I decided get rid of it. I guess with an offical Discord Client this would happen probably as well.

    Now I'm playing with a Steelseries 9X Headset with capability to connect at the same time to Xbox Wireless and to my Laptop with Discord app installed, and everything works fine without any resource scarcity. For PS5 you can do it the same with a Steelseries9 (without the X). Apart from this capability it provides nice sound experience.

  • 10allday

    This is a really good feature.


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