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  • Darth
    Strongly against, badges are for going out of your way specially to support the community, downloading a piece of software doesn't meet that criteria
  • Zacatero
    Yeah.. I agree with Darth. Alpha/TestFlight/Canary isnt really deserving of a badge to be honest... you dont have to do anything to get it. We already have a badge like that, we dont really need more tbh
  • Nico.

    There's a early supporter badge that was payed for, discord is all about free when they talk so why not give the betas a badge for supporting discord earlier before it blew up. I think its un fair to the people who joined discord during beta and didn't get a early supporter badge just because they didn't pay for nitro but was here supporting discord and using discord instead of other websites.

  • P O P O

    I love this ideia 


  • Admiral Bahroo

    I love this idea because this show tribute to the people who make discord what it is for everyone else

  • Blastoise186
    This is something I would qualify for myself, but I definitely think would be a great way to recognise the users who helped out with the BETA testing before Discord officially launched
  • Sauce God

    There’s already a badge for all beta/alpha testers that go out and find bugs. It’s called the “bug hunter” and it’s a net that you would catch butterflies in. And that badge is for all users who use TestFlight, alpha, the PTB, or canary (discord’s desktop early build.


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