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  • Spud
    This would be useful for server owners who need to check in on their server, but otherwise I don't really see what's wrong with having to click on a server to go to it.
  • 계신다


  • Shane

    We use Discord at work in place of Skype/Slack/etc and the only regular complaint anyone has is that Discord is always pushing their games store and it makes it look unprofessional for a work environment. If we could just configure Discord to startup in a particular server, it would work great as a work chat tool.

  • erocky

    Still no? Wow

  • sjsadowski

    Seems like this would be useful now that logging in forces you to the discovery screen, which is crap. I don't care about discovering new servers. If not setting the default server on login is not going to be an option, at least let me default to "Home" which is far less obnoxious.

  • Fazool

    Seriously this seems trivial - I cant believe we dont have this.


    Every time I log in I am in the first server I Joined on Discord and I havent been active there in two years



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