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  • karl-police

    Back at the time before Discord closed their Discord Developers server, I've asked one of the support why they don't show that. They've told me that they did that because of security reasons. However if the settings doesn't force you to add a timezone it should be fine.

  • Noxillio

    What's the difference between this and the Note section?

  • Stray

    I was under the impression that the note section wasn't seen by anyone but you. While I don't want Discord to turn into a full on social media product like Facebook or Twitter, a small amount of personalization would be cool.

  • NinoishCoconut

    I feel this is a great idea, a better idea to reach out to friends who you may not talk to all the time, need an opinion on something, questions etc. I think this is a great suggestion. 

  • Sonicwave

    I'm not sure if it needs stuff like birthday and contact forms, since Discord is often used to talk to anonymous people (like Reddit) rather than people you know (like Facebook). However, the option for short "about-me" sections (preferably server specific, since you can be in multiple servers with very different topics) and displaying location (or more importantly, time zone) would be nice, and might allow Discord to be used in more formal settings.

  • Jabber

    I'd like a profile section I can leave messages in incase I go Dark I can leave a message of when I'll be coming back. Or can add links to stuff I want to share.

    What's wrong with discord becoming more of a social program with more than just chat? I hate Facebook, and most of my coworkers use discord anyways

  • Avery

    Sonicwave, it Shou at least have the option, just because you won't use it doesn't mean it shouldn't exist

  • Rana

    @22:30 then
    it would show 23:00 for people who are on gmt+1,
    And 02:30+d for people on gmt+4

    @13:35 then
    It would show 11:35-d for people who are on gmt-2
    And 14:35 to people on gmt+1.

    The +d and -d would refer to a day switch. Or maybe use some other char to specify the day change.

  • буХой

    Well, it have been 5 months and it still isn't included? That option is super useful for anything.

  • KensonPlays

    You think 5 months is a long time? Try 2+ years. They still have not added support for the streaming status for anything but Twitch. Still needs Mixer support, and YT support.

  • skitzad

    One other thing that maybe would be cool is if each profile had it's own comment section as well. Just like on steam.

  • undermaster.
    These informations should be presidential right? Seriously those are private informations that I don't even want to show to the public
  • MuddyParasol

    This is an excellent idea

  • VanaRoseArt⁷

    i think this is cool! im always curious about his kind of thing/

  • ヤシュ ミッタル

    Can you also add pretty URL to the description of the feature request.

    Then we can get a unique URL for each of the user for example{{username}}#{{tagname}}

  • ulti
    This might've been suggested before, no?
  • Volleo

    I had a similar "it would be nice to..." something about time zones awhile back, and I found a partial workaround: Rich embeds (the kind bots can send) can include timestamps, and those are automatically formatted for time zones. (@johantux) I would make a bot for it, but knowing myself, I would do something... questionable with it. Self-restraint 100.

  • /home/lesnake


  • DuckMasterAl
    There would need to be a way to activate the signature on the message since you may not want all of you messages with a signature but, otherwise cool idea!
  • Bauer24x

    May i ask why there still isnt a response from the devs on this!!? There was actually an original post of this before trending and alot more upvotes and comments before some type of wipe happen on this site. And now its posted again and already almost top voted post for suggestion about this and still no word? Whats going on? This is honestly like the best addition!!

    May not be for everyone but you can always turn it off. But being 2019 and this is the best modern gaming platform application.
    Doesn't hurt to have more features and additions?

  • Shotdown

    I wouldn't want it in messages. Just on profiles to show how cool you are!

  • kronk

    agree skype moods were fun!

  • wheee

    yeah that's true i loved skype moods

  • FunnyDank

    whoa skype moods wer hella cool yo ya think ya could put em in discord too?? thanks

  • ArcadeSandwich

    God I hate minority’s

  • kronk

    yes, a bio similar to skype's "mood" would be perfect

  • Squarto

    Not a good idea.

  • Aranym

    Tip: you can't just say 'not a good idea' without any reasoning and have it be a valuable contribution to the conversation.

  • JD

    Pretty useful idea for developer servers too! A bit like Slack's timezone functionality, which also warns how many people in different timezones will be notified when tagged for example.

  • Vitreous Glassy👽

    I agree! it would be nice to also be able to post status updates to your friends


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