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  • Shadow.
    If a user can't read a text channel, they can't see it. So "Read Messages" is pretty much the same as "View Voice Channel" for their respective channel types.
  • 윤쌤 | Ssam My Way

    I am not sure if i should open a new thread as I found this is somewhat same request made by NOE earlier. 

    Here is the predicarment that I am experiencing. 

    By turning off "Read Messages" as you suggested, it just disappears from the menu. 
    However, what I am trying to achieve is display the menu to @everyone but only those members who hold certain role can enter (connect). Just like how it is being done for 'Voice Channel' 

    With this enabled, 
    everyone would see there are some restricted areas (menus) with roles. Only then he/she would work hard to get the role to enter inside. it's rather human nature. it will trigger the curiosity. 

    with the current way managing the 'Text Channel', it's just completely removing the menu from the list. he/she will never be able to realize there are such channels exist at all. 

    Like myself. 
    I wish to grow the committee L1,L2,L3 out from the normal users. I want them to know and see there is such channel called 'committee L1,L2,L3' so it will trigger the desire of wanting to level up themselves with given instruction. 

    it's making it more like a game/fun concept which I believe what/how discord would like portait. 

    So please kindly consider this implemented. 

    Educate me if there is other way around to achieve the same. 

    Thank you

  • Winter

    @Ssam My Way

    You can actually make a category visible without allowing people access by making a voice channel in that category with "View Channel" Enabled. Then just disable ability to connect and then the category shows up for all. Pretty janky but it works.


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