Copy Text in Embeds (iOS)


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  • index.ts

    Update: You can now copy hyperlink urls in embeds by long pressing them

  • H3mi

    Want to bump this post, seems that iPads once again can't copy anything from bot embeds, not even links, which is super annoying

  • TirelessTraveler

    Carl-bot is one such bot that uses embeds a lot. All the server logs are in embeds and I would love to be able to copy the user IDs in them. It’ll make it much easier for me to moderate on my phone since I won’t need to look through the member list of type out the ID.

  • 420

    8 Months later and this still hasn’t been implemented.

  • Dev

    I just switched from android to iPhone and I'm going to need this feature back. Discord please...

  • NightFlamezzz

    This is a must


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