Server Banners for all servers


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  • snukoms

    the fact that people are fine with having a simple feature be gated is just sad like yeah discord needs money because their a company and sure somehow this could get abused (i really dont know how cause an image is an image but whatever) but not everyone can afford to dump 100+ dollars just so they can get a simple image as a server background not a gif (which that i'd be fine with if that was gated) but because it is gated makes zero sense plus they make 100s of dollars off of adwords so why does this need to be a premium feature?

  • Siya

    @Crowned all right, thanks for the answer

  • Minteck

    Servers really needs more customization. Not just banners, but for example Document Channels to show rules for example, bots commands auto completion, server background/color, better members list, custom badges, prefixes/suffixes, more ways to name the channels than lower-case names, and more...

  • SkillsOfAMaster

    This is a late comment but like, Me and my friend made a tournament server on Minecraft, and we also made a discord server for it doing everything we can to make it professional. We have like 25 Members because we started our discord server like a few weeks ago but it looks really bad. I learned that you could get a server banner, but after some research I also learned you have to basically pay for it, or get 10 people to pay for it. I strongly disagree with it, Money for a picture just so you can make your server look better? Isn't Discord supposed to be free? I get that you guys need to make money somehow but this made a lot of small servers mad because people don't wanna boost the server. Kinda annoying, please change this so everyone can use the feature.

  • Dylan ✧

    For smaller servers looking to grow I think something as small as a server banner would help a ton, it gives something nice to look at while using discord without the need for something like betterdisc. I don't think it should be exclusive to verified servers only.

  • Zenhasu

    It seems that even if you have a server that obtains a level 2 from boosting it you still need to be verified on top of that. It's pretty disheartening when this feature is advertised to everyone and you reach the goal they seem to put out for you only to find out nope you can't have it.

  • xChris_vC

    Although I am also a fan of this idea, I have to disagree with your message, Zenhasu. Once you are on level 2 and have sufficient permissions, you can set a banner at your server settings. When you love your level, you will use your benefits too. Your server banner will be reset to nothing.


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