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  • ShenYang

    I absolutely hate that Discord on my phone now doesn't have the option to switch between regular and speaker. Not having speaker would be annoying, but not having the regular way keeps me from using it on my phone 99% of the time. It's too loud and disruptive to everyone else around. I liked that I could hop on Discord on my phone while I'm out and about - but having it on speaker??? Can you imagine hoping on Discord at the grocery store only to pop into a channel that's gaming? I don't know about your friends, but mine can get pretty vulgar. I don't want to accidentally walk past little kids and be responsible for introducing new (and usually wholly inappropriate) words/ideas to them. Please, change it back. If we want to use the speaker option we can choose that on our own.

  • username

    I agree, it’s my main use of communication and many have already pleaded discord on twitter to bring it back. I’m disappointed.

  • Thaum

    Some people prefer not to use their speaker outside, I'd like it changed back.

  • Renbar

    This is a stupid decision change it back  

  • Lala

    Change it back!

  • Vei

    It’s sad to see how discord made the mobile speaker only, how can we have private conversations with speaker only, it would be great if the change went back since this was something that was never broken and the intention to “fix it” made it even worse :( please reverse this !!

  • ShenYang

    Looking at other posts, I've noticed that this is the only 'open' post on this topic. The other previous ones have already been closed out (answered) stating that there doesn't need to be more than 1 thread on this topic and linking over to the supposed 'correct' place to talk about it - but when you follow it THAT topic has been closed out (answered) stating that if they have an issue with 'troubleshooting' they should file a ticket. :/ This is NOT a troubleshooting problem. I actually sent in a ticket first and they sent me response saying it's intentional and that if I wanted to voice my opinion on it I should come here.
    Please do NOT close out this thread.


    Gab (Discord)

    Mar 21, 22:52 PDT

    Hi Shen,

    Thanks for writing in. The speaker option was removed from our audio output selector on iOS(AKA the AirPlay button)! This change was intentional on our part. The "iPhone" option will output audio via the device's speaker.

    However, you can still select external output sources (IE Bluetooth and wired headsets, AirPlay devices) in the AirPlay output menu if you'd prefer not to use your device's speaker.

    As with every new change though, we're definitely keeping everyone's feedback in mind. I'll make sure to pass your input along to the team, but it would also help if you could vote up the suggestion at since feedback contributes greatly to our decision making of which features and fixes to implement in the future based on what our community wants.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions and I'd be more than happy to help!

  • ٴٴٴٴ

    I don’t like the update

  • ٴٴٴٴ

    Technically speaking we deserve the right to have privacy in calls sometimes I
    don’t wanna wear headphones or earphones they hurt my ears and there’s a lot of people that want this opinion back. I’m sorry to say that I don’t wanna use discord now because I don’t have this opinion open. I don’t wanna lay in bed with a speaker blasting in my ear while my IPhone x is changing and I don’t have wireless headphones.

  • Kousei

    I completely agree. Not only do I think it's counter productive to remove features, but to do so without even saying anything about it to anyone? It seriously makes no sense. It's all well and good to add new features to the platform to try to better it but this is simply nothing but a removal of a previous feature. Even if the justification was that the majority of people only use the speaker feature it makes no sense; you've just objectively made a worse user experience for your users who relied on it. My partner and I use Discord for hours on end and now we have to switch to using things like Telegram because of this unwanted forced change. Ridiculous. Please revert this.

  • Puskie

    Clearly there is a massive amount of people upset about this. Change it back!

  • Dark Soul-

    Yeaaaaaah we want it back please 

  • Tayjia

    Agree with everyone who’s saying Discord just removed user control as if it were an added feature. Not gonna fly! Add phone/earpiece back please.

  • LordSpyx

    I agree! We used to have the option to switch between speaker and the private call function. How was having the ability to switch between the two harming anyone? I use Discord Mobile a lot to talk to my Fiancé. We’re in a long distance relationship, and while speaker is nice, sometimes we’d like to take our calls privately...

    This shouldn’t have been removed. We shouldn’t have to have AirPods or other headphones plugged in to have a private call. I really wish they’d just revert it back to giving us an option between iPhone and Speaker.

    Discord is the main source of communication for me, and a lot of my friends. I don’t always want everyone around me to hear my conversations, nor do I want to be a bother by having it on speaker phone in the middle of a public place.

  • DauKho

    It’s absolutely ridiculous. We can no longer have the privacy of private calls being private in public areas.
    What idiot thought it was a good idea to remove our privacy? This is unheard of in 2019, absolute trash

  • Britt

    I was quite upset to find out that speaker is now the only option. One of the biggest draws to me picking Discord over other apps/communication programs was having the ability to use Discord like a phone call while still accessing my communities. Being able to call others while doing other tasks was nice; I liked the privacy. Now, I either have to use earphones, or some other audio device when I could previously just use my convenient mic/audio built into my phone. This is really frustrating for me because I now have to resort to other programs where Discord previously had everything I needed. I understand that many folks used/preferred speaker phone, however, there are many individuals like myself who feel a bit disenfranchised by this (many being those from my friend groups). I have always considered Discord as a program that values having options for everyone; this seems out of character. 

  • Tayjia

    And why single-out iOS users to make this inconvenience? Android didn’t get this feature removed! Grr!!

  • johnjohn

    This new feature is horrible, If I'm in a restaurant or other public location and receive a call, my conversation is public. I do not carry my earplugs or headphones,


    Please give users a choice, probably will be talking on phone a lot less.

  • Tayjia

    And it’s aggrivating because my boyfriend, who uses Android cannot be off speaker, but I cannot be ON his speaker, so he can barely hear me.
    Discord devs, why do this to iOS users??

  • Tim

    This update took away our options , and I don’t see the reasoning , don’t think it will make app much smaller, it just took the freedom for us to choose ! I will send the link to this to all of my gaming friends that have complained to me as well!!! Keep posting everyone, I want our option back

  • kostja963

    I have the same problem

  • Puskie

    I've seen tones of complaints on Reddit and Twitter

  • Btrfly

    Bad business call and even worse customer support. I don’t understand why the phone option was removed for iOS and not android, my friend who uses android still has the option. This is singling out users.

  • Sinsiati

    I keep in contact with my SO through discord. We sleep on both ends with discord on. It’s incredibly annoying to have to mute eachother and turn eachother down completely just so we don’t have to hear the other person be too noisy while trying to sleep. Please discord bring this option back. It should have never been removed. I don’t want to share my call with anyone around me. Please bring back the phone option not just speaker.

  • Tayjia

    Btw, Discord has confirmed they deliberately got rid of “phone” option, claiming most ppl just use speaker anyway.

  • Puskie

    Appreciate that Tim. The louder we make our voice the more it will be heard.

  • Saintanic

    Regret updating the Discord app. The main thing I use it for is private calls, rarely use the speaker function. Don’t fix something that was never broken.

  • NOVA

    Make sure to tag @discordapp on Twitter and write about this. We need to do more to get their attention.

  • kylee

    my boyfriend and i use discord to communicate, and this whole “speaker” thing is bull. we should be able to have OPTIONS. not everyone wants to hear my conversations, and that’s how i’d feel as well. please give us our privacy back, and fix this problem. clearly quite a few people are disappointed with this update, and i know some people that have stopped using the app completely bc of this.

  • Mom

    This whole change was extra frustrating since I don’t live alone and the Bluetooth headphones I do have, use a terrible call function with discord or any similar app by default. It can be disable on my computer but not mobile. (Headphones fault, but it would be cool if there was a way to disable it via discord aka selecting input audio.)

    Plus headphones are rather uncomfortable for me when lying down so I used to basically be able to use discord to call people and use my phone... like a phone. Without the awful call quality of normal cellular calls. But beyond that, I pay for nitro every year so this feels like I shouldn’t bother letting it resub if they don’t care what I and so many others dislike about a reversible change.


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