Enforced Nicknames (for moderation)


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  • Forgi_Forgeth
    Really mods could just disable nickname permissions instead of going through trouble to restrict certain nicknames.
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  • Geno

    Nickname permissions ARE disabled. You are misunderstanding the problem.

    The problem is this: We don't want our users changing their names ( to banned or hateful or misogynist words for example). That is the point of turning nickname permissions OFF.

    But when they join the server, they don't have a nick and instead revert to a name we do NOT control. So they CAN still change their names. Which defeats the entire purpose of turning OFF name change permissions.

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  • Northern

    This is what I've seen work effectively throughout the servers I've been in. 

    - Disable Nickname 

    - Give them a PG or "Family friendly" nick. 

    So no matter how many times they change their name it will not change on the server side. If they leave and join back to avoid such action... well it's up to you. 

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  • Drake

    I see your suggestion pretty good but then again, If they continuously disregard your server rules, then you go by this simple staff protocol:

    1) You warn them stating that they're breaking your rules by using a "not-very-family-friendly" name and that you recommend reading the rules and if the name isn't changed within 24 hours or less, they're subject to a temporary mute or permanent ban.

    Don't say this in a disrespectful manner and take this professionally. If disrespect is given on your part, the rule-breaker will then be disrespectful and uncooperative. Even add a little smiley face at the end to show them your respect. I use this a lot while moderating and when I show them my respect and that I'm trying to be cooperative, they will continue to do the same.

    2) If they successfully accept the warning and change their name, There's nothing else to do. Thank them for being cooperative and move on. However, If they ignore your request for more than 24 hours or more, then you mute them temporarily (the duration is your choice).

    I'd recommend using the mute reason as a threat stating that if they don't change their name before the mute ends, they'll be permanently banned from the server. This helps them understand that you won't continue to take other punishments lightly.

    3) When the mute is over, and they successfully changed their name, don't thank them (because they weren't cooperative), and move on. If they didn't change their name with prior punishments, then ban them permanently.

    It's a waste of time dealing with users who won't follow the rules and won't be cooperative, nor respectful towards yourself and the server.

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  • Jimmy in AK

    I definitely see this as a bug.  My online community has in-game monetary transactions, and we really do not want someone "spoofing" someone else. To prevent them from pretending to be (in our Discord server) someone they are not (in our online community), we verify their discord names upon joining the server by doing something in-game that only that person would know.  Once we verify them, we give them a "verified" role. 

    The "bug" is that if they join the discord server with the same name as the online community name, and we verify them and promote them to the discord role of "verified", they are then able to change their discord name to something else entirely (let's say the online name of someone they want to impersonate) and their server nickname then changes to that new username.  

    This user is now a "verified" user with a nickname that is not allowed, and there's no way for us to know.  

    Having the permissions setting to @everyone cannot change nicknames, should PREVENT the nickname from changing, once they join the server, even if they change their discord username.

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