Disable autodisconnecting from everything


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  • Miniwa

    if it does waste bandwidth i feel really bad for the 2kb used by keepalive pings

  • Miniwa

    who downvoted this

    why do you not want this

  • best friend npc 1

    I agreee i want to make it so i dont disconnect is it not possible?


  • LastChance103

    Now mine never disconnects. It's hard to get used to since I used to just stay in call when a friend leaves. Now, if I don't, I just stay in there forever.

  • Veggies

    I feel like if the call was NEEDED, nobody would call on discord. Some people just wanna call and then someone has to go for a bit but they wanna join back, if they're staying on call for a a long as possible. Mine never used to disconnect and I was happy with that but now all it does it disconnect. If it was able to stay on call for a while before, why can't I still do that now?

  • Noxillio
    Staying in a call alone wastes Discord's resources that could be used for people who actually *need* to be in a call. It does indeed use bandwidth, and you will never see it because it's on Discord's end, not the user.

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