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  • username
    I'm not opposed to this, I just don't think most people would have over 1,000 friends.
  • undermaster
    Who has 1000 discord friends tbh
  • lucifer

    i do, its annoying

  • 0001

    I do

  • merlin2v

    I don't see why this problem can't be fixed. I think it should be increased for those who want to have more friends. Maybe set a timer to prevent friend request spam however if someone is receiving friend request's then they should be able to accept as many as they like. It would be useful for people who want to keep track of a large amount of people in case they leave a related server.
    let's all be friends uwu. 

  • Sandvich


  • Filip

    Great suggestion!


    I run a small business and my main communication platform with clients is through Discord. I hardly have time to sleep let alone go through the friends list one by one. This REALLY blows.

  • Sinthum

    Discord supports massive servers with hundreds of thousands of people. If each Discord user had more than 1,000 friends, it could be harmful for Discord's bandwidth

  • Wowwowlulu

    Should I remove some friends

  • ℣Ꭵct၈૨TH

    My suggestion is to have atleast 1500 friends if its a fair number for it

  • Fried Bacon Socks

    1mil max.

  • DJ D

    On Snapchat I get stuck at 1K adds and I keep constantly having to search for people that unadded me so I can make more space for the hundreds of new people trying to talk to me... By the way I'm on Instagram where there's no limit if you need beats let me know

  • Dipslox

    bump again

  • Lexiiii

    you can send me friend request in my discord account if you want


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