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    Hey all, we've just added ability to allow you to disable this in settings > notifications. If you have it disabled, incoming calls will be sent as a push notification. 

  • vic

    agreed, the callkit is extremely annoying

  • Taebae

    Agreed. It’s killing my battery so quickly.

  • Gore

    Stroooong agree. really hope they let us toggle.

  • galactastic

    Agreed, I appreciate my privacy to decide whether or not I want the names of my group chats and dms displayed on my screen or not and how long I was in them stored on my iPhone call history please.

  • CrazyAssassin9z

    I agree with Makitkaster. The callkit is by far the dumbest update. I use this app to call people without it being tacked because of personal reasons. Having it saved to my phone for my account to see is really inconvenient. It’s the whole reason I use this app. So my calm history isn’t tracked. Either enable a toggle feature or take it off

  • Exandria

    All of these are amazing points. Callkit sucks MAJOR donkeys. I can't lock my screen. It drains my battery massively, it burns the image of the call into my screen temporarily, it makes my phone get hot from running the same screen for so long...etc. its just altogether bad for me and as i can see: for others as well

  • CrazyAssassin9z

    I just got word back from someone in the support team. Apparently Apple themselves added the feature and discord adopted it. So this isn’t discord’s fault it’s apples

  • Besitos

    Please revert it!

  • iBeastboy8D

    Couldn't agree more, I feel if people like the change then it shouldn't be reverted for them, but PLEASE Discord add an option to turn it off!

  • Hanz

    Agreed, really needs a toggle option

  • CrazyAssassin9z

    Another update to those following this thread. I have been emailing the support team and they have taken note to the complaints on the callkit feature. I was told they will take note of this and it will be passed on to the support team to try and find a way to toggle it off

  • Besitos

    Also I can’t listen to music while on the app anymore what the duck! I have to go to my music app first then go on the call other wise it won’t load. I used to click twice on my mic to skip a song but apparently that disconnects me from the call instead! Please just bring old discord back! If it wasn’t broken then there is no need to fix it

  • altcode

    I agree that callkit integration should be an OPTION not a requirement. I get 10-15 discord calls a night at minimum. I don’t need my call log being that disgustingly cluttered by calls I do or don’t take on discord. I use discord because it seamlessly goes between mobile and desktop as an app- I don’t want it to be that integrated in phone.

    I also don’t need the iOS call screen forced upon me. I have to click once to open my phones screen and it goes to call, then click again to open the lock screen, then AGAIN to open my phone. That’s 3 clicks just to unlock while I’m in a discord call. This absolutely thrashes my battery and I’m not able to stay in discord calls as long. I actually replaced my phone battery recently for the actual purpose of being able to be on discord calls longer with my significant other, who is 400 miles away. Yes we use regular calls too, but they didn’t drain my battery near as much as this combination of discord data usage + callkit screen usage.

    Also, I go to school in the day. Discord calls now ring like regular phone calls which is WAY more annoying to deal with in classes than just getting a Push notification. Please discord... make it optional...

  • Besitos


  • Thompson Crane

    Callkit integration has entirely ruined my user experience for this application. Please make this optional or I will be forced to cease using your service. It wasn't broke, and didn't need fixing.

    It should be noted that if my phone is locked, and I receive a notification while on a Discord call, my phone unlocks and the call screen takes over.  I do not use autolock, and when this occurs it never returns back to the screen being off.  This is a user experience breaking update. 

    It also doesn’t properly utilize the facial proximity detect to lock the screen when you lift the phone to your face.

    You can't push this off on Apple, there are numerous applications that utilize callkit without the types of trouble this is causing, and they also provide the option to toggle usage of the integration.

  • ParaMoto910

    This has made my experience with this app worse probably going to move to team speak because this is bull

  • Spookboi

    Discord was really good until the callkit thing was integrated. Please discord devs take it away or at least give us an option to turn it off. I get calls like these Im class and it annoys me and my teacher

  • index.ts
    Do you mean you want to remove Discord calls from your iOS phone app call history/recent calls?
  • Peaches1202

    I fully agree, I want callkit optional at the very least.
    Having it automatically integrated not only wreaks havoc on my battery, but now makes discord useless to me in the way of calls for personal reasons. I love Discord, I really do, but this update makes me more than unhappy and if Im being completely honest, if this update isn’t changed soon I will have to go back to using other apps/services for a lot.
    Im honestly surprised that this feature isnt already optional, usually Discord is really good about making a lot of their stuff optional...

  • bayleaf

    I completely agree. This feature is terrible and destroys my battery and makes my phone heat up so much

  • Pascal

    It would be indeed a good option to have a toogle to disable fullscreen calls and only show a notification for it (maybe also a second toogle to only allow fullscreen calls for friends).

    But the battery thing shouldn’t be true at all, quite the opposite should happen. Using CallKit as a native framework should save some battery life because calls will be backgrounded.

  • Thompson Crane

    "But the battery thing isn't true at all, quite the opposite happens. Using CallKit as a native framework should save some battery life because calls will be backgrounded."

    Except they're not. And every time you get a notification your screen turns on and the call screen comes to the foreground, which if you do not use autolock on the phone, never goes away on its own.  Not even if you have AirPods connected and put the phone in your pocket.  The screen will remain on until manually locked. (which is NOT how it's supposed to work)  This causes increased battery drain.

    Also you can't make the claim that multiple people are not experiencing a behavior, simply by claiming "battery life SHOULD be better because this is how its SUPPOSED to work."  What you're saying and what are actually happening are two totally different things.

  • altcode


    I think that it would make sense that CallKit should help battery life because regular phone calls generally do not have as much battery strain as Discord pre-CallKit calls. However I think it's important to note that when using CallKit alone on regular phone calls there are other things contributing to battery life in a cell data phone call:

    1. Some phones default to shutting off data when on a phone call without Voice-over-LTE enabled or Wifi not connected. Significantly less connections = better battery life

    2. When running a regular phone call through CallKit, that is the only thing that is running. With discord and CallKit, I'm still using the same amount of data and battery power I would normally on Discord, but now my screen is more often turned on due to CallKit's management of the lock screen.


    Also, even with Voice-over-LTE enabled, you can still get a majority of your calls ending up on a regular cellular network and thus not taking as much battery power. 


    And again, this is all my experience and not related to how it should or shouldn't be working. 


    Besides all these points, the battery life isn't the only thing driving my vehement disdain for CallKit integration. Its merely a factor. :)

  • Yumine

    I agree with this all thread... Callkit is such a pain, it drains my battery and even disconnect me several time a row for no reason? There should be an option like skype did, I can’t even see my notifications when my phone is locked. Please make an update !

  • oldking

    First the removed the option to turn off speaker phone, and now this. I'm unsubscribing from discord nitro.

  • SharkiBailey

    I've been using discord for the past couple years now, been a really big fan about it until this kitcall thing has come out, I was kinda disappointed when they removed the earpiece speakerphone from the options and just left the speakerphone but I learned to deal with it. I mainly use discord to be discrete about things but this doesn't help that, it's only made it worse, I use discord for a lot of different uses on a day to day basis, I get calls often and maybe sometimes spammed, it only clutters up my call log... I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I bet some people like it but there should most definitely be a way to turn it off.

  • Kevin

    I agree. I'm not as concerned about the battery draining as much as the lack of privacy resulting from names showing up on my lock screen. I an highly against the update and wish to see an option to disable it in the near future.

  • dodo

    Hey guys, I have a life hack for you!
    Get into a call, go to your settings, then Discord, then disable the microphone (your call should stop), and toggle it again: then go back to your discord call and tada, callkit is disabled! (But you’ll have to do it again in the future…)
    And I think Discord should just remove callkit because it’s really annoying to have the call at the lockscreen

  • Modern

    Yes please the new style not only makes connecting more difficult, takes up battery, and makes sync to car systems next to impossible it makes calling just plain inconvenient. Please get rid of this awful awful feature or at least let us turn the thing off


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