shows us who is in private calls


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  • EVAN
    What if I don't want my friends know who am I talking with? That would be a huge privacy issue.
  • EliteLux

    EVAN, even if they added that they should also add a feature to disable it. That wouldn't be so bad.

  • Valcrye
    I think this could become a huge privacy issue if implemented, way too easy to spy and stalk people who don't know how to disable the feature, I think that a private call should never divulge the activity of with who or when that call is happening.
  • There is a reason why it's called private calls you know... Additionally, you can already see that when someone is in a group or server call. Why is there a need to see if someone is in a private call? 

  • Theglovedza

    It would be a great feature if you wanted to know if somebody was in a call



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