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  • CamTheHelpDesk
    Just more settings, period.
  • Matt-
    Even though this feature is already accessible, make it a little easier to access on iOS
  • Lengo
    I’m neutral about this. While people don’t like pings, they are mostly used to get people’s attention. Also, it’s basically just an icon.
  • Apfelmann

    My notifications are bugged, sometimes i get pinged on a server and i go to this ping, read it, and the number next to the server icon is also vanished, i scroll up to my favourite servers and it still says UNREAD MESSAGES, i need to scroll down again and its gone, idk why how and everything but i hope discord can fix this

  • I emailed support about this and they said there's no way to override this yet. It's ridiculous. If I get sent three messages in a row, I want three notifications in a row. Not one. There needs to be an option for this. 

  • deez(Infinite)

    Anyone else wish they had better notification settings for example I’d like to be notified on just stuff like if someone dm’s me or @‘s me on a group page not every time someone comments on a page


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