Showing local time for players


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  • Agnieszka

    We are using the platform for learning in a virtual university and knowing what time it was on their end every time we message them would be lovely. That would also assist in planning. I definitely would love to see this feature displayed by their name as we message. 

  • Nomad

    Yeah i have a lot of people i message and i would like to not ping them or DM them if its like 3am for them and i cant really remember everyones timezones! It would be a nice touch at least in DMs to show their local time preferably in 24 hour time but i know theres a lot of people who struggle with 12 hour time so either or is good! I hope they implement this! It wouldnt be a hard thing to add! Just place it on their profile somewhere!

    It could also be used for servers like D&D where you need to know their timezone in order to setup game sessions, It can also be used for business servers like mine where i have staff from all parts of the world. There are many uses for this and these are just a few!

    Security implications, Easy, make it togglable so people can choose if they want it displayed.

  • Maelep

    I really need this features!

  • marq_andrew

    This feature is definitely required though with the option not to show it.

    For security and privacy, the local time in some places uniquely identifies where you are. For example Iran, Afghanistan, India, Nepal and others have unique times and time zones.


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