Automatically Close Open Folders


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  • Brightness
    I feel like it would be nice to have this as a setting between having only one folder open at once or not. Sometimes it is nice to have more than one folder open, and other times it's nice to keep it clean.
  • Exaint
    Would be a great addition, dont want to click every folder again to close it.
  • minermaniac447

    IMO, it should close when you click on any other server or folder, would be much less intrusive

  • Eugene_Goat

    With the server navigation column being so narrow, it really makes sense to only have one folder open at one time, and the moment another folder/server is selected, it auto-closes. 

  • lithin27

    I think better idea is button to close all open folders

  • shard
    This will be really helpful, Since not everyone like to click again to close a folder
  • Starki-sama

    I definitely would like this, went to go make the same post but then I found myself here, have an yes vote

  • Khrathrox

    This would be amazing to have. Probably add a separate toggle in User Settings so users can decide whether they want to close  folders manually or they should close as soon as you open a different folder / go to another server not in that folder. Following this.

  • mattari

    Since Discord assumed mine to be the same as this one, I would like to clarify that this would be great as an optional setting both for Settings>Appearance and as an override setting in each server folder. This would allow you to either auto-close all folders, or only certain ones, and it won't bother those who want their folders to stay open (as I've ran into several people who wanted them to stay open or be optional).

  • Breadsticc

    Another good idea would be for folders to stay closed if you close and re-open the mobile app. Anytime I open my app, all of the folders are open again.

  • Nacho

    Bumping this, but two years ago? Not looking good. :(


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