Private Server Notes, much like the personal user notes


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  • Lolo

    Ooohhh it would be so niicee!!



  • lumb'er
    oh, very good idea.
  • Lewis
    Maybe a Nitro Boosted server feature? I dunno really.
  • dreadu

    That's exactly what I need. I does not even need to be searchable for me. I have the server from people who play the same games in folders. But playing with random people from time to time leads to so many server with weird names- can't remember them all. Beeing able to "remember how we found it, why we joined, other useful information about why you want to keep the server connected."

    Please add that. Ways easier to organize with ts3 currently and the reason and didn't swith completely yet.

  • Name

    I was thinking this same thing.

  • caeldom

    I would very much like this feature!!

  • Alt

    I want this feature too


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