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  • samsepi01

    I was just thinking the exact same thing in my Discord server today.

    I'd love to have a channel, #staff-to-do, for instance, that has one channel-wide to-do list that can be added to/edited by anyone with channel permissions. That way, myself and the rest of the staff members would be able to collaboratively define server-level tasks we want to focus on next.

    After trying pretty much every bot with "to-do list" features I could find yesterday, I've pretty much decided to just start making a custom bot to do what I want. The feature itself seems simple enough to implement. Now I can make sure it formats stuff all nicely too, since the other to-do list bots I tried were just boring hard-to-read plain text.

    I'll try to remember to make an update here if I make any progress with it.




  • Skorpeone

    I would be great to have a check list capability, I guess you could add a link to a google doc? But it would be nice to have the capability to do a straight check list.

  • Sauczii

    samsepi01 have you had any progress with making ur custom bot? if so can i invite it to my server?

  • Fado

    Just use this bot's feature - $todos.

  • danielle_lyra

    also would be interested in the to do bot if you make one samsepi01 ...right now all to do list type of bots are useless. All I want is to be able to have a total to do list that can be seen and pinned by everyone in that channel and things added/subtracted to show on that main to do list.

  • 5o3x

    I agree this would be a useful feature!

    Id be fine with simply having checkboxes a la github markdown

    - [ ] item 1
    - [ ] item 2
    - [ ] item 3

    Having to use a bot seems like overkill for something like this

  • jdschif

    I have a Madden league where we offer upgrades for playing a certain number of games.  I make a list of all the teams that are eligible for upgrades - then I edit it, multiple times, later to show which teams have received their upgrades.
    It would be great if other commishes/admins were able to edit the message, as well, to mark which upgrades they have given - so I don't have to scroll through everything to edit the list myself.

    Even a 'checklist' type of message where certain roles are able to 'check' it, or something similar, would be great...

  • jdschif

    Even being able to post a spreadsheet, editable by certain roles, would be awesome - to keep track of things such as games-played and other info.


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