Keyboard shortcuts on iOS


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  • BastianInuk

    The big q is, how is this not a thing yet? 🤔

  • _chad

    I’m not sure if this is a recent change, but the enter key will not send a message in iOS. Is there another keyboard shortcut for send, or should I just keep reaching up to tap the screen?

  • Jollypinkpanther

    I have a different Bluetooth keyboard, not the real Apple one, but whenever I press “enter” it doesn’t register so I have to move my heavy fingers to the enter button on the screen. Anyways, same question as @_chad

  • Koroboost

    Bump this thing, we want Enter work on smart folio

  • njok

    Yes please, I feel useless without keyboard shortcuts. Especially since that bug that came with iOS 13 where you can't tap the channel switcher icon because the keyboard toolbar is overlaid on top of it. 

  • TychoQuad

    Please add the ability to set a push to talk button on a keyboard.

  • Gideon

    I would like to see this as well! I’m looking for the usual Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab to cycle between servers and Alt+Up and Alt+Down for cycle between channels and the Ctrl+T quick switch


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