Get rid of the four digit tag numbers at the end of usernames


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    The discriminator exists so people can have the same exact username and you'll still be able to differentiate them from each other. It's literally there so people don't mistake you for anyone else with the same username and so they add YOU and not someone else.

  • Kitsune Luke

    Dude if you don’t like the way discord does their stuff, don’t use it. No one else that I have seen is complaining about this other than you.

  • Macro

    Look, open your mind and listen. The #XXXX is for you to be able to have the name you want and being capable to be repetead with another user, is like your dogtag. Other big companies as Blizzard use this so, there you have it, if you are not happy with it, go to skype. 

    So, with this system, Tom can have the same name as Tom but ne will be Tom#0001 and the other Tom#0002. This #XXXX is just for finding the friend you want to add, when added, You will not see it anymore. So you are not poochyena#XXXX you are poochyena and the #XXXX is just to find you. Many people has said it already and if discord is so big as an app is for something.

    Not happy? Use skype or open your mind. 

    Thanks and have a nice day

  • eXandric

    Discriminators are going to be come more common as the internet explodes. They are necessary to allow people to have similar names. Discord isn't the only major service to use this. Look at Blizzard's Battle Net. These are going to stay as Ten said. If you have Nitro you can change your discriminator to something easy to remember like #0001 or whatever.


    It's how their system works and would basically require them to redo everything they have done with discord to get rid of. They aren't just some random number added to your username. They ARE PART of your username.

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    > Can you explain this? How is it necessary?

    Without the discriminator, if I change my username to poochyena like you, people wouldn't know who is who if I also decide to go and change my pfp. I could easily impersonate you and people wouldn't be able to add you properly because they can end up adding me as well. That's what we've been trying to explain from the beginning.

    Discord can't just go and change something so drastic and I doubt they would ever remove it because that would mean their system would HAVE to check all 150+ million accounts for who has the same usernames and have to notify and/or change possibly millions of accounts and that's not exactly an easy task to do nor would it be a smart move on their part.

    > How is discord more free? That is true for every other platform too

    Except on popular platforms like Twitter if a username you like is taken, you can't use it and are forced to add letters or numbers. On Discord a number is given to EVERYONE so EVERYONE can freely pick their usernames even if someone else has it. You don't even see the numbers when you chat. You only need it when you're adding someone so I don't see why the big fuss.

    > and if I don't memorize it? Then what? I can't add people. So now i'm adding people to twitter, pillowfort, skype.... but not discord.

    It's 4 numbers. How hard is it to memorize 4 numbers.

  • Kitsune Luke

    And plus, whenever you are talking to someone in dm or in a server you don’t see their discriminator unless you click on their name to see their profile

  • krkn_

    you don't ever see the #xxxx ever, unless you click on someones profile.... dummy

  • eXandric

    Unfortunately I can't really go into why they decided to do it. It's a design choice. It lets people have more freedom for their name.

    With discriminators you have the ability to always have a username available to you because now the usernames are unique based on the words. 10,000 can now have the username ASDF if they really want.

    I do not foresee them ever changing this, it is becoming more popular in the online community and you should probably expect to see more services move to using the discriminator/new services starting up using it. Your discriminator will never change so it should not be to hard to memorize the four digits at the end of your username.

    I'm not sure I can provide you more information as I am just another Discord user, just wanted to try and help you out is all.

  • nomyriad

    Without numbers we'd end up seeing usernames like x_tom_88 because the simple, common ones will be taken quickly. Now, people can have the simplest username they like and it doesn't matter if it overlaps with others because the numbers make them unique. A lot of people would prefer to be able to make their username just their first name, or a popular character's name, without having to add extra random symbols on the end.

    It also removes any possibility of adding the wrong person. I remember on skype typing some names in and getting a dozen results, and you'd have to know where the person lives or see a familiar profile pic to know which one to choose. 

    If you tend to mass add people on discord for networking, wouldn't a server be better for that than adding them as friends anyway? Or if it's someone you really wanna talk to, just take a few seconds to look up the number.

    Also, with Discord Nitro you can set the numbers to something different, so if you have real trouble memorising them you can change it to an easier to remember number. 

  • Celeron

    That's not the case, poochyena is your actual username. The numbers behind it are your discriminator. I'm not sure what you want Discord to do if many people want to have the same name.

  • Ephenia

    It's astounding how this was actually made due to the sole fact that an imbecile couldn't claim poochyena#0001. It's clear as day that they are a troll and are simply just wanting to ruin s­hit for everyone else.

    What else do you expect, especially when you are trying to claim a name of a Pokémon (which is obviously very popular) along with a #0001 tag? At what point does this ever click and process in that pinky sized brain?

    It's actually f­ucking insane.

  • alexandra

    sounds like discord isnt for you. just memorize the four numbers its really not that hard lol. i love the fact we can have any username we want thanks to the number tag feature. plus anyone familiar with discord knows each username comes with numbers so im not sure why youre embarrassed to tell people your discord tag lmao.

  • Autumn

    There is no effective difference between poochyena3333 and poochyena#3333

    There is a difference between the two. Again, @poochyena3333 is a name on its own, but "poochyena" is your current name, #3333 is just a set of numbers people use to find you. they're not what makes you "poochyena", and they don't make you "poochyena3333". your username is poochyena... there's a difference. like I genuinely want to question your intelligence is if you can't understand this.

    no one would see those number outside of searching my name, since my display name would just be poochyena.

    plain wrong. they'll see them on your profile and it won't be greyed out like the current set of numbers are. it'll all be in bold and it'll be "@poochyena3333" when they click on your profile.

    This is also true for the old system. If I wanted poochyena#0001, but someone already took it, I'd have to pick a different name.

    So this whole thread is you malding and coping for FOUR YEARS over the fact that you can't get #0001? mfw... there's still 9998 other tags you can grab to keep the name poochyena, unlike with @handles you would HAVE to put numbers in your username itself if you're not lucky. You're not poochyena3333#3333. You're poochyena(#3333)

  • Autumn

    Wow you actually do not have a brain LOL

    I've given enough reasons throughout the comments here in the past, but you can find far more in the feedback thread.

  • Autumn

    I don't interact with large servers full of children that would do something like that, or potentially any other malicious individual that desires to impersonate. Again... strawhead argument. Learn a new trick, dog.


    It's the name + discrim combination that leads someone to your profile, exactly... but that doesn't make the numbers a part of your name, you blockhead.

    I genuinely wonder how many times you were dropped as a puppy. 😔

  • nomyriad

    > How is x_tom_88 worse than tom#4245?

    Because x_tom_88 is now on display whenever they direct message someone. The #4245 is never shown in messages, people will always just see "Tom"

    >A lot of people would prefer to be able to make their username just their first name, or a popular character's name, without having to add extra random symbols on the end.

    To expand on this, this would mean only 1 person can ever be displayed as 'Tom'. You can't set a nickname in DMs. With the current method, anyone can be displayed as just 'Tom' if they like

  • Autumn

    I honestly cannot believe I have to do this, but I'll drop the facts and keep it simple, there's literally no disputing it.

    Discriminators are not an extension of your name, they never have and never will be for any platform that has ever, and will ever use them. They're an identifying set of numbers separate from your name.
    Again, you're not poochyena3333#3333. You're Poochyena(#3333).

    Your other argument that you could just drop in a server I'm in and impersonate my friend is invalid. Chat history exists, and user IDs exist as well. I can also just call any of my friends to confirm who is who. There's many ways to confirm who someone really is.

    You're pulling strawman arguments that lead nowhere and thinking you're so clever for them, like grow up already jesus. 😔

    I really hope you and everyone else who is pushing for this update sleeps well at night, knowing that your selfishness sacrifices the livelihood of others through all sorts of malicious cyber activity, and that every potential victim has just become a much easier target on Discord.
    And before you say some bulls​hi​t about "that never happens in any platform!" actually do some research and realize that it has, and absolutely will in the future. This opens the gate for stalking, harassment, scamming, blackmail, and so much more.

    I'm not about to repeat anything I had previously said in this god-awful thread, so if you can't get it through your thick skulls with that already, then clearly your intelligence is just far too low to even hope to comprehend how awful of an update this is for Discord in particular.

  • Kitsune Luke

    Never said that. All I am doing is giving my opinion about your suggestion, if you don’t like it, ignore me.

  • nomyriad

    You can't set a display name in direct messages. which might be another suggestion I suppose, lmao

  • sully

    how is it that hard to memorize four numbers

  • Clatgineer

    My 2 cents about asking my friends their discriminators, I did that and we all listed it off by heart

  • Kitsune Luke

    Did I ever say it wasn’t?

  • Penny Lane

    Maybe you can try memorizing the four numbers by writing them down and figured out how they mean something to you. Like number association. Like if your number it 2964 ... maybe you know someone with a birthday on the 29th, your favourite month is June and you have 4 PS4 controllers. If you look up studies, the human mind is programmed to easily remember a sequence of 3 or 4 numbers rather easily (which is why phone numbers are set up this way) And instead of wasting energy being annoyed by this, you can focus on trying to memorize your digits. I am sorry you’ve been struggling with this though. I hope you’re able to enjoy discord once you get past this. I do realize this is an older post but I came across it in a search and felt compelled to respond lol. Hope you’re well! ☺️

  • Sgt Leppard

    poochyena Given that you're so tunnel-visioned on numbers, you must clearly not care about your personal safety or the safety and security of your account since you didn't bother sparing a single word about it. Do you want to be harassed nonstop and have people constantly hacking your account? Do you want desperate and dangerous people finding you and stalking you -- or worse?

    Do you really not care about your safety that much? Cos if so, that is incredibly concerning, plain sad, and you need help

  • Sgt.Stereotype

    "a million people can have the same display name on twitter, youtube, skype, etc."


    They literally can't. On discord you literally can. 

    This is my favourite thread ever btw. #POOCHYENA2020 

  • charitwo
    This has no practical application and shouldn't be implemented.
  • tacenda

    Omg. I've been reading this thread for some time now. I'm sick of it. Look... Discord isn't Skype or twitter ok. Its based around a completely different thing. Servers. I have learnt my tag and now its basically a part of me. You can strip my words and quote them all the times you want, but discord does it this way.
    I can't imagine adding people without the tag. Discord isn't based around your real identity. Its based around VIDEOGAMES. Most of them have some kind of tag, or they restrict the names you can get. You don't seem to get this. How am I supposed to differentiate two people with the same names and the same profile picture. And it also protects you against random messages with people who you don't know and don't have anything in common with.

  • skel

    reminder to everyone subbed to this thread that this is all because little poochy cant remember 4 numbers
    i feel bad for you all that type these giant rebuttles just for pooch to say "but no ur wrong"
    god bless you all

  • Autumn

    I refuse to believe anything other than that poochyena is a real life NPC.

    That or a Discord plant.

  • Don Juan

    Keep crying. It's very entertaining.


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