/tts doesn't work in Linux


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  • WhatsUpHiro

    Seconded. This is an important accessibility issue. Please make this work under Linux.

  • CJ Crispy

    I would like to see `/tts` work on Linux as well, but let's be real. Is it really an accessibility feature? I think a screen-reading accessibility feature would be something that I trigger so I could read text on the screen that I would otherwise have difficulty reading. That's not what the `/tts` command is.

  • Grzesiek11

    No matter if it's annoying or not, you should be able to use it on Linux as well.

  • Elc0c0

    ` /tts ` is working fine on MacOS.

  • Kur

    Any idea if there's a missing dependency we need?

  • coscal

    This is indeed an issue that should have been resolved.
    Has anyone made progress on this in the last year+ ?


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