Allow us to resize all parts of the Desktop Application


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  • Manivela

    Or simple hide/show if resize would be too much work.

  • Aquilux

    Discord already uses a global variable to set UI size on the desktop application, at least if I understand correctly that's how UI zoom works. Could we get all the elements broken out into individual variables in a sub-menu, or even better in the context menu for the associated element? That way, if we feel the users list is too big or the profile avatars are too small, we can change that ourselves?

  • koroki

    There was previously a workaround to be allowed to resize the window to however you liked which effectively would cut off certain parts of the UI. It just got removed for me today and I can no longer make the edit. It was useful for me because sometimes I only need to see the chat so I’d only have the current server text/voice channels with the chat up and cut everything else off.


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