Allow developers to block certain users/servers from following channels in that server


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  • Saluki
    Maybe we could have a tab within the analytics page for all servers currently following one or more channels in your server - and a tab for banned servers. You could ban servers in the current servers tab, and unban servers in the banned servers tab. You would be able to ban/unban servers that have never even followed a channel by entering their ID. This would allow developers to protect themselves from piracy servers as well as other potentially dangerous servers before something like this happened.
  • Xblade

    This. Banning a user doesn't even do anything, anymore. Someone just sneaks in with an alt, follows the channel and the whole crowd of baddies can stalk you.

    Please allow us to view the names of the guilds following and allow us to block servers from following.

    In a verified game server, we get trolls that explicitly follow only to interrupt beta tests to report falsely to make us confused and work harder for nothing.


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