Nitro Classic disappearing


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  • JessLovely

    I noticed the same on the desktop client (stable 66618, host 0.0.11, Linux 64-bit 4.19.0-6-amd64), though the option still appears on mobile, and the resulting link can be opened from a desktop browser as well. I haven't subscribed to either Nitro or Classic before, and was rather shocked to find it missing when I was considering getting Nitro Classic just now.

  • BurningIce

    So i connected this guy with the same issue and he emailed discord support, and they said that they were updating nitro classic and that i would cause problems with the desktop version. I have no clue if that's true or not. 

  • Mastern

    Yeah I have just read about that. It's a bug I think

  • nevukee

    My nitro classic just disappeared?? It hasn't even been a month, I've been a subscriber since 24th December and today I wake up to seeing my Nitro just vanish?
    Discord PLEASE PLEASE fix this. ;-;

  • ina ♡

    my nitro classic disappeared randomly while i was chatting w/friends discord please fix this

  • Simba

    i had nitro and i boosted the server when i woke up both of them were gone even my friends nitro was gone pls fix this

  • Hiromi

    i had nitro classic one month that was supposed to end in 22nd of january, and a nitro classic one month credit that was going to apply in 25th january but i woke up today and its gone pls fix it


    yo bro same thing happened to me just now I still got 10 more days :\

  • qluto

    Same thing with me all of a sudden with my nitro. All my friend's still have theirs but mine just vanished

  • precixus

    Literally was gifted a nitro yesterday- I come on my pc today and it’s gone. I’m glad to see i’m not the only one, though. Hope discord fixes it 😔

  • kate

    I just refunded my nitro and it disappeared, not sure why i still have my server boost though?

  • gary

    The same thing happened to me today and I had 11 days left

  • Star

    My account is having this issue also. It disappeared and only shows as a banked credit, which shouldn’t have happened when I was already on a subscription when the classic was gifted.

  • Makeshift

    The same thing happened to me today and I had around 20 days left. PLEASE FIX THIS


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