Disabling Go Live! feature

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  • Emily


  • ヤシュ ミッタル

    Yeah, there can be a server based settings to disable the feature.


    * GoLive

    * Server Boosting

    * more...


  • Brissa

    Never add new clutter to the user's screen without giving the option to disable it.

  • Kirby

    I do not want it, pretty please let us turn it off.

  • Alcarde

    I agree, this feature needs to be optional. While I can see myself streaming something on occasion, I don't want or need Discord to add a go live button for my game when I don't want to use it. I especially don't like that this button gets added regardless of whether I have Discord set to not display what game I'm playing as a status message.

  • Awakening

    I very much second this... Being prompted if I want to go live every time I play games that are recognized drives me bonkers. I don't want to go live ever. Please let me disable this. If for some reason I actually want to live stream something I will go and re-enable it. Otherwise no thank you.

  • Upstart

    I think it is irrisponseble of any company to roll out a new feature without giving its users an option to opt out/turn off/disable it. I have uninstalled Discord from all of my devices until such a feature is implemented.

  • Grimboc

    I agree. I just want the ability back to stream to my server channels. The other thing that is irritating is that when other members share their screen I can't see it but others can.


    man i juuuuust really want the ability to hide the panel
    it's super distracting and i know i'll rarely use it
    i'm sure others will have a use for this feature but i won't

  • DeiLwynnA

    i really want to be able to disable the go live thing as well, i now have to scroll to see all channels on certain discords im on because the go live thing covers the channels on the bottom

  • Orno

    As previous 'features' have proven, they really do not care about disabling/hiding anything that "a limited numbers of users do not use and/or object to having present".

    Until more people start caring about personal space and privacy again, this is the way of the internet.

  • IceNinja™

    I just want a simple button to turn that crap off my server. I don`t use it and I have disabled it on all my server roles. But when I start a game the Go Crap shows up. I personally don`t care about streaming, and watching other people play a game. Granted some may want the option which is fine, but for hell sake give others the option to totally disable it. Don`t force people to have something they do not desire. Just my 2 cents.

  • Fluffy Creature

    I agree, I would love for them to make a disable button for Go Live because I will never use it and it feels a bit intrusive. 

  • Rabid

    Yep, I have a tonne of my users complaining about this new feature.

    Pretty much all of us use other options for streaming any way and never use in-app streamers.

    Biggest complaint I've recieved so far is it's located right under the 'leave chat' button.

    Should be an option to disable all game data scraping from within the app, or it should need to be specifically requested by discord and then authorized by the users. (and not via some obscure EULA or TOS.)

  • Feuerstern

    You can change the permission for each role. So if you want nobody to be able to do it just disable it for @everyone

  • Anja - Laterowo

    Auf meinem Server ist es für jede Rolle, auch für mich selbst nicht zugelassen, aber dieser blöde Button ist trotzdem zu sehen, macht das weg

  • Solitarian

    I have despised Discord asking me to stream anything for what, 2 weeks now? As soon as I saw it, I immediately disabled Streamer mode. Yet, it keeps asking me every time I launch a game it recognizes.

    As those above have said, I want a way to disable it entirely. Always give users options, especially when adding new features.

  • Ew (Ewtastic)

    it appears that the "go live" dissapear if you remove all games under game activity, i have it set to off. But discord auto-detects all games that start and immediately re-enable the "go live" trash that clutters up the UI.


    This is a huge problem, has anyone found any method to permanently delete "go live" as a client?

  • Jenna(Kitanashia)

    I would also like to disable this. and I would like a way to disable game detection as well. 

  • Forgiven Obscenity

    TURN IT OFF. Its SO ANNOYING to see it change constantly in the corner of my eye!

  • GeekGarage

    this needs to be optional, i'm so sick of looking at it. I don't and will never use it as my audience and streamer connections is on another platform, so just because you are pestering me with a button will not make me change platform.

  • DantonW

    This feature is directly responsible for making me uninstall the program and use the browser-based interface instead.  STOP with the constant attempts to invade user activities.  It's fine if people want to use this kind of feature, it's frustrating that you turned it on by default.  It's Microsoft-levels of disregard for users to not even give us the option to turn it off.

    Don't be Microsoft.

  • Maelstrom

    These Windows-based applications will only lose more users and customers. I understand that we do have to pay for a little extra advantage and you have a 1 month option which in my opinion is fine, though it could use some improvements and further documentation.

    It is even worse when considering the level of stability and security of Discord, which where a large number of servers have introduced unresolvable conflicts made by users. I add here another suggestion to please reconsider more stability of this application if you wish to least prioritize security (which I would not recommend you do. Prioritize both as much as you can).

    The new icons for statuses Away, Do Not Disturb and Offline are a bit disappointing in my opinion as well. However, I have gotten used to them. But once again, I strongly recommend you change those back to the way they were in the past. Trust me, UI is one of the most important elements in the application and you do not want to touch it where users will dislike the application you pleases and ask us the most. A disregard and no responsibility taken and even disrespectful changes of the application is more than enough to get half of users uninstalling Discord.

    Please revert back to the last stable Discord where colors are at least changeable and the ability to choose what we want, whether it is overlays, game streaming or voice communication. Much like in Battlefield 4, where there was added a number of more options, it would be nice to see such similar thing in Discord as well!

    Why not make games and this application more compatible with each other? The overlay could use some improvements.

    Have a nice day, we still love Discord, but now it is your turn to help the community with improvements.

  • Oklino

    I totally agree - ive never asked for an integrated streaming functionality and i will NEVER do. I dont want to stream via discord and by the way: i dont want my friends to specate my games without my permission (like discord offers it for minion masters...).

  • Dillinger

    I hate this "GoLive" Stuff like shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIS INGAME POPUPS ARE HARASSMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dweedy/Nullafy

    I'll never use it - I don't stream. Let me hide the button!

  • Zarric

    Adding my support on adding a feature (and as soon as it can be possible please) so we can disable this feature.

    Not all people are/want to or can be streamers of any sort, stream to friends or want to do so in general. Adding something without any way to disable is such a thing is bad as its been pointed out.

    On top of that, it takes precious space away from the DM list/is very annoying and when dealing with a limited amount of space (You know, like having only 1 monitor...) it really makes things frustrating to deal with a feature such as this.

  • Splutty

    Why do these companies insist on adding new crap cluttering up the UI or not even working properly and NOT giving us the option to turn it off?


    Most recent examples: Discord with this Go Live crud, Steam with their emoticon searching and spell checking... STOP doing that. People spend a LOT of time getting things set up so they can use it the way they want, and adding 'features' that basically ignore all that is a great way to really piss people off.

  • Stingray

    yes i agree one should have the option to disable said feature

  • LordLink360

    Yes please add an option to disable this annoying pop-up.


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