Discord Screen sharing has some major issues


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  • LNess

    Hey can I please ask you how to get OBS Studio output through discord app sharing? My friend tried to stream games on Switch to me privately. We bought a graphics capture card and had OBS Studio connected with the card as input. But when he shared OBS with me, I cannot hear any game sound. Do you know how to fix this? I looked everywhere for hours and cannot find a solution. Thank you so much!!

  • thenewmystery

    Okay, I'll add to this one. I too have noticed that the screen share stops. I am sharing my screen/app in a chat with a friend. We are watching YouTube together. I have two screens. Guess what I want to do? Something else, while we are watching YouTube. That was how I discovered that if you move the focus away from the thing you are trying to share, your friend can no longer see it. Just a black screen. If I return the focus to the object, they can see it again. Additionally, I noticed today that if I have Discord on one screen and am doing something else on another, the animation for my friend typing freezes - just stops moving. If I return the focus to Discord, it starts moving again. Discord, if you have introduced a condition on the streaming, you might want to have another look at it with this information in mind. Your fan base contains many people who are multitaskers and will need streaming to continue regardless of where the focus is.

  • Endorakai

    Better compatibility with the browser version (no download/in-browser) for all browsers currently in use would be the more likely approach to eliminating issues / increasing features on any platform while minimizing coding needed. Right now, on the Xbox (Xbox Edge Browser), the in-browser client fails to load the website properly. This causes the website to just spin the loading icon forever... Wished this would get fixed. UWP would the BEST way to include it on Xbox - While we are talking about compatibility and inclusion to Discord across platforms.

  • mr fresh official

    when i use my discord to share screen while streaming with OBS it will work for a while but after a short while the OBS crashes and i cant figure out why. does anyone have an opinion as to whatit could be. here are the things i have tried

    1. restart pc - didnt fix issue

    2. uninstall and re-install - no lucky there,

    3. ran all virus checks and checked all drivers up 2 date - still no luck


    i have looked around for this issue but i cant seem to find any videos on how to fix this. does anyone else have this issue. please let me know in the comments below.. i fixed my audio issue but i cant fix my capture card issue. 


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