Show User's Time Zone In Their Profile Page.


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  • Cooligan

    I'm not for this. I see it as a security issue for Discord users.

  • MagDown

    I think this is a wonderful idea, it eliminates the trouble of figuring out what timezone people are in. This would be very helpful with for example D&D servers where it's almost necessary to know people's time zones to arrange sessions.

  • Adrian Malhiers

    I completely agree with this and I think it would be an amazing idea to add it cause that way it would be much more easier to have custom games and have recording sessions arranged.

  • darylknight

    Our CMS community recently moved to Discord from Slack, and not being able to see what timezone someone's in is a huge drawback when working with people all over the world.

  • Haniicu

    Yes, please. This is so necessary when you're in a team with people all around the world. 

  • Naoko Kobayashi

    I am all for this option. And for people concerned with privacy it should be possible to turn it off.

  • Hoover

    I agree that knowing a person's current time of day and/or time zone would be a benefit for many gaming communities.

  • AmishWarlords

    obviously this would be disabled by default. if so i'm all for this

  • Mercy

    This is so important, I want to know if I'm writing someone in the middle of the night or not!

  • DanG

    I am all for this. Just add a toggle switch to enable it. Keep it off by default. And when a user creates an account ask them if they want to turn it on. It could also display a user's current time next to the normal timestamp on a message.

  • charlotte

    I think putting their local time in the timestamp would be fantastic.

  • Kage

    I would love this, it would make it much easier to organize things with people across the world. It's always a pain asking people what time it is where they live. And of course, this could be disabled by default if people don't wish for others to see what time it is where they live.

  • koko

    This is specially helpful for large servers, where greeting people morning and night can be a little difficult. 

    As for the person who got downvoted to oblivion for expressing his concern, you should be allowed to enable/disable this feature just like your socials. For the most part, this feature is adult centric and useful only to those who conversate often or use discord in a workplace environment. 

  • IslanderFJ

    would be extremely helpful for team collaboration chats.


  • blackntan

    Even better, allow a tag that could be used to show dates and times to users in their own timezone ... Something like `<Z2021-03-21T15:45>` ... Passing in gmt times results in each user seeing the timestamp in their own timezone... Which they already do in the application... (Message timestamps) ...

  • Cos

    I think this is actually a better suggestion:

    Ideally, we'd have both together:

     - Click on a user, and the popup shows their current local time, in the same box that shows their roles.

     - Open their full profile, and it shows you both their current local time and their time zone there.

     - This feature should be optional: Each user can choose to enable or disable showing their time and time zone to others.  A server can set the default to enabled or disabled.

  • FnfFan67

    how do you get to see it i cant find it

  • luna!

    yes, this would be amazing for group chats with people from different places, like i dont wanna ping them if they are sleeping lmao

  • marq_andrew

    I agree that this would be a very useful feature.  I agree with Cooligan above that the security issues have to be considered. Remember that some time zones uniquely identify what country you are in, for example the half-hour and 45 minuter times zones uniquely identify Venezuela, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Myanmar and Central Australia (where in Summer, time zone even identifies your state).

  • Léana

    I think this is an awesome feature. As for the security concern, making this feature opt-in would be good enough IMO.


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