PTT needs to bind to a SPECIFIC Device and Logical Device button, rather than all "Button 1" across all devices and tied to device physical buttons


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  • Hollywood

    This. As it is, my weapon release on my joystick is seen as the same button number as my PTT on my throttle. Having a hot mic for 10 seconds while I wait for my bombs to drop is pretty lame. Also hitting my MFD buttons do the same thing, though only for a second.

  • Jimbo

    I second this. This should allow PTT to be device specific. This is how it is in Teamspeak and in other games as well. In my racing sim alone, I have a wheel, and two button boxes. I have a PTT on each button box since they are separate USB devices and the wheel has one as well if button 12 is on each device. In my flight sim, I have a honeycomb yoke, PTT switch, Thrustmaster Joystick and Throttle so if I set my PTT to button 1 on the foot pedal, then on all 4, button 1 is PTT. This is really annoying.

  • markofthedead

    Would also like to see this. I use a foot pedal for PTT which is recognised as an 8 button gamepad. If I'm playing a game using a controller (which is when I particularly want to use the foot pedal) it activates PTT when pressing the corresponding key.

  • revil.

    I second this too.... as we are not that much to need that we wont have it working till the end of time...
    They only need to see our controlers as windows sees them.

  • Quadrafarian

    I'd like to see this fixed, It's damn annoying

  • Butter

    I'm making a custom game controller with a rotary switch and unfortunately, due to this issue, when the rotary switch is in a position to push button 6 (the PTT on my throttle), my mic is continuously hot. Since I'm writing the code for this controller myself, I can avoid button 6 in software, but obviously I'd prefer not to have to do that. It feels pretty gross.


    Yes, this is indeed a VERY ANNOYING problem that needs to be addressed before all of us leave this service and start using something else. (Gilded has the same exact condition as well, no surprise there.)

  • Conny Naslund

    This just needs to be fixed!!

    Teamspeak manages it without any problems so why should not Discord?


  • SpyderS.

    Yes please. This is incredibly annoying.

  • TeufelHunden

    please fix this issue! is ther a mod that can fix this perhaps? someone that knows code should try to fix this?

  • Sparty

    Yes, please fix this. Our Squadron talks on Discord a lot and we use SRS in game and get an annoying echo when using the PTT. 

  • Thuraash

    Yes! Having Discord cue up PTT based on four different buttons on four different controllers when I only tried to bind one is extremely annoying. It also forces us to shuffle discord PTT binds depending on what controller we're using, in case the binding that works on one controller corresponds to a frequently used button on a different controller.

  • EDawg

    Yes, this is very annoying when I'm in game and press a button other than the PTT button I binded and begin transmitting over discord.

  • Kutterro

    yeah, what EDawg said ^^

  • Danny_P

    Ah yes, I requested this many many years ago... Your post seems to have gotten slightly more traction than mine :D This is a must, and I'm genuinely amazed this still isn't not a feature.

  • daveo132

    +1, crazy how this is not implemented.

    Anyone with any form of sim must go crazy with this.

  • Beardy01_Actual

    +1 here - this is so bloody annoying.

  • Sideslick

    Just adding one more "+1" to the pile.

    Every single time I switch controllers, I have to remap my P2T.

  • Phillsbox

    +1, I search for a resolution every couple of months or so, frustrated this is still a thing, let us recognise a single device please, don't let our cries go unanswered! 

  • Homer VCAW-1

    It would make Discord even better than it is now.

  • ukgamer

    +1, it's incredibly annoying accidentally hotmicing because Discord thinks a switch on my button box is my push to talk. TS has had this for years!

  • BPrimo

    +1.  Seems like a no-brainer.

  • Gunhawg

    Agreed 100% with OP. Please fix.

  • Beardy01_Actual

    +1 Please for the love of god.



  • FiringPin

    +1. Can't believe Discord blatantly disregards this. This alone is the main reason sim squadrons don't use the paid Discord services

  • Gypsy

    Just bringing it up again, in the vain hope that someone will see it. Desperately needs fixing

  • SmilingBandit

    Either 128 button support, individual controller support, or (ideally) both.  It's maddening as is.

  • Why is this still not fixed

  • I have the same issue.
    I need to use al kinds of extra software to do key remapping witch is back to the 80's.
    it seems that nobody of Discord is taking this serriuos. Only putting in new features insteed if solving this ongoing issue for years and years.
    i love Discord but this minor issue must really be solved.

    Please Discord Support..  take notice of this thread for more then 2 years now.!!!!


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