Unable to delete Slash Command because unable to find the command ID


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  • cyt0 FN

    idk how to provide a solution


  • advaith

    The command object is returned when creating the command, and you can fetch the list of commands (which includes the IDs) with the Get Global Application Commands and Get Guild Application Commands endpoints.

    For help with the API/slash commands, you can ask in the official Discord Developers server.

  • Matko

    You can use the GET method to retrieve a list of your commands. It shows all of the information that you need.

  • Monserrat
    I have a slash command I added for testing with a separate code and I'm now unable to remove it because I cannot find the command ID, please provide a solution if possible


    A submitted Slash Command will cause a payload of data to be sent from  They're the knock at your app's front door that could be the start of a great conversation. These IDs provide context about where the user was in Slack when they  there was a failure in an API being used to generate the command response.




  • Weller1

    The trigger word must be unique and cannot begin with a slash or contain any spaces.







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