Option to Disable Stickers


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  • Matze

    Yes, it is ugly and spammy. Please disable the feature or add an opt out.

  • CoryTrese

    The new automatic buttons under welcome messages are another example of a Stickers feature no one wanted and everyone hates.

    This change has made the messages in #welcomes annoying to look at, and it overpowers reactions and any other interaction people might have had with it.

    All you see is stickers. It is awful. Please, please remove it or at least add an option.

  • SunSparc

    I am just about ready to add a feature to my bot that just deletes any sticker posts. Stickers are just the worst.

  • Khi

    Would love to disable them, but also would love to just have never seen them... so if y'all can ditch these cheesy stickers that'd be great. 

  • Spk

    Stickers ans stickers suggestions are a pain in the ass! Kid feature for underaged #Fortnite servers.. 😜

    This is ruining Compact Mode feature and UX with these spamming suggestions !

    We definitely should be able to disable them.

  • SznurBart

    This is absolutely needed. I can't stomach it when people are spamming welcome stickers on the main channel and I honestly don't mind people sending emojis or welcome messages in general, it's just that stickers take up a ton of space and clutter the whole conversation.

  • dangerBEclose

    To everyone complaining about the welcome stickers button. You can DISABLE these under server settings, overview tab. :)

  • gingerbeardman

    That option was only added in the last few weeks.

  • SznurBart

    I can disable them in the server settings? Oh gee whiz, that's great! If only I were the admin of these servers!

  • doubledgedboard

    dangerBEclose except that disables stickers at the server level, by server administrators

    users simply want the ability to disable stickers as an option when opening the emoji menu (like when typing colon), or to prevent the emoji search feature from returning sticker selections

    it creates a very frustrating user experience when you've spent 6+ months typing the same few letters to get to your favorite emoji and now some new sticker from discord  autocompletes instead, and you end up looking like a tool when you post it

  • dangerBEclose

    doubledgedboard on pc this is not a big issue I think, on phone you can disable this. And now please don't ping me anymore.

  • doubledgedboard

    dangerBEclose actually you're wrong, the issue IS on PC when you're using auto complete

    you can't do what the thread asks for, maybe you should stay out of the thread yourself

  • dangerBEclose

    doubledgedboardLike I said you don't have to ping me I don't care. I will just block you.
    For reference
    https://gyazo.com/20c5820436ac2d7340f777cd4b16f5f8  the issue is with you.

  • doubledgedboard

    Just to reiterate for everyone else here, on why dangerBEclose is completely wrong:

    "Disable Sticker Suggestions" only stops the auto-appearing menu when typing.

    It does NOT disable suggestions of stickers when opening the emoji menu.

    They are completely different issues.

  • Herr Doktor

    I wish I could rip Nitro status off of my account. I already canceled my sub to it. I'm old school and type out emoji's. Every once in a while one will prompt the sticker menu to open instead. And instead of the :-p face they get some dumbass sticker from a server I'm part of. 

  • Brumbpo

    Please let us disable stickers. They are extremely spammy and are only used by people who have nothing to say in order to disrupt conversations. Not to mention they are extremely cringy. I don't even know why this feature has been added in the first place because I'm sure that 'facebook mum' is not Discord's target audience.

    Just, please give us a switch per channel that allows/disallows them, like we have for embeds.


  • remi arquier

    Please add an option to disable the stickers on all of the server. If the only option is to downgrade to get ride of them I will do it!


  • Playingmonkey39

    Yea pls allow us to manage the usage of stickers, or to disable them in channels or role perms

  • Hwfwalton

    Please god let me disable stickers entirely. Or at least return the ":" spawned emoji picker to the default.
    The default Discord emoji browser is so good. Easy to use, dense, and navigable with mouse or keyboard.

    I was so confused the first time I typed a ":" after subscribing to Nitro and found the emoji picker had been replaced. This new picker is gigantic and unwieldy and I don't care about stickers at all (nor does anyone in my server)

    I was barely able to justtify signing up for Nitro just for better streaming and the server boosts, but this awful replacement emoji picker may drive me to cancel Nitro. It's such a bad QoL hit. wtf.

  • Feyre

    I would also like a way to remove the stickers from the emoji picker. I always type the first couple letters for my emotes and it keeps bringing up the stickers and clogging it up. I prefer to find stickers by actually clicking the sticker tab, it makes it much cleaner for me personally. 


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