Add Note Improvement


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  • ClarSco

    I've accidentally done this twice this week and I'd rather not have to explain why I've randomly messaged people with just their IRL name again. The Right Click>"Add Note" needs to put the cursor in the right text box and the "Click to add a note" text box needs to more obviously a text box when not selected.

  • abluey

    The amount of times I've done this is Too Many... I keep having to explain to strangers why I sent them strange messages. Every time I click "Add Note" I just instinctively expect it to direct me to the notes section... instead of the message... The current system is very counter-intuitive.

  • BamBamxxxx

    So much this! I've also suffered the embarrassment of accidentally sending a message of what I wanted to set as a note. Please make this change.


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