Please disable shift+control+i in the pc client.


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  • Sobol Vuitton

    I think it's really cool idea!

  • Voltis

    Nope, it's really usefull for devs, and for every user with problems on discord.

    Discord could ask to copy something.

    there is a prevention message when console is oppened too

  • chuck.cochems

    Well i can see how it would be useful, but as i said, you can fake message and post screenshots and report people for private messages they never sent.


    How can this be resolved?

  • Voltis

    This is already resolved.

    Discord ALWAYS ask the link if the message.
    This can't be faked:
    Every message in Discord have a unique ID connected to a message.
    It's the same for every Channel.

    When Discord ask you the link, they ask you the Channel id, and the message id.

    It's stored on Discord's databases and It's can't be faked.

    In the case where there is a screen, but the message is deleted or, the person have neved send this message, they won't punish him ^^

  • chuck.cochems

    I'm well aware that you can't really fake server screenshots.


    The issue is PMs, which are not stored on the servers.


    Sure maybe discord itself has logged them, you won't see these logs. you just see the modified screenshot the other person sent you, and reports your modified private conversation.  


    And you most definitely CAN be banned from a server due to direct message conversations with members.  It's those which you can fake now.

  • Voltis

    When I was talking about server, it was datacenters.

    EVERY message is on there datacenters, even DMs.

    they will never ban someone because of a simple screen, they are always asking for a message link

  • chuck.cochems

    it's not discord that bans from servers. it's the server owners that do it.

    Am i to believe that discord server owners have the ability to access original unedited DMS between people?

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