Raise hand feature


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  • Goose the duck

    Why are you comparing zoom meetings and ms teams with discord voice chat??
    The raise hand feature is made for classrooms not for casual talking (which is what discord voice chat is for)

  • Tebaldi

    Because Discord is not only destined to casual talking. Also it'll help anyway.

  • wi1lywonka

    This would unblock us for our business use cases.

  • becerratops

    This feature would be really valuable for how my server uses discord. I have considered using the new stages feature but then we can't use video and I value that feature more than having raised hands but I would LOVE to have both, thanks!

  • SquarelyCircle

    There are a lot of similar suggestions, so I'm unsure which one to support.
    In a voice channel, having an option to raise your hand without being forced to would be valuable.

    We play D&D, and the stage channel is too restrictive. We don't want to stop people from talking, we just want to be able to politely inform each other when we want to say something and the conversation is getting intense and noisy.
    I've created a bot to do this for our personal DnD server because Stages is too restrictive. I think Stages have a place, but a raise hand option in voice channels also has a place.

    All it'd have to do is order the video/user squares by who raised their hand first and keep a hand-raise icon over the individual until they use the emoji again to lower their hand. Heck. Even just keeping the hand-raise emoji on the screen until they use it a second time would do wonders.


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