Custom Status (Server Feature)


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  • Bluejeanx

    It would be handy to allow "admins" with the correction permission to clear and/or edit the user's custom status similar to the nickname system. 

  • cark

    No.... why.... no....

  • [BR]John_Magdy

    Great idea!
    really, it would be weird thing when someone abuse this custom-status to advertise on our Guilds!!!!

  • Deaven

    Why though? It's just like game activity, terrible idea in my opinion.

  • Yeah, I am a part of a homeschooling discord (PG only)
    And someone changed their status to uhh something inappropriate.
    So we just had to kick them.

  • VAL

    It's honestly shocking that it's not already added. Not impressed.

  • MNH48

    yes please

    some discord server with tighter rules has started giving out warning to kick/ban people who write custom status containing thing that is against their rule even if it's completely fine on other servers, if the option is added then we could ask those servers to disable the display of custom status just for their server and we could continue writing what we want without worrying to be kicked/banned

  • Norska

    I agree, I also made a suggestion about this without seeing yours first. The more the better I guess.

  • sora

    Isn’t this as well possible with the normal activity?

  • Tibarn

    People can use it to advertise and even put prohibited things like insults or +18... We need to be able to moderate this on the servers.

  • Saluki
    Definitely a good idea. I think maybe creating a word blacklist (maybe even an emoji one) would be a good idea. And for servers with stricter moderation, a whitelist of words/emojis could be created. If a status didn't meet the server's guidelines then it would just be hidden.
  • Aceba1

    Hello, same problem with a verified PG game server. I agree with the above solutions, and would like to add the idea of permitting custom statuses by role. Identical to global emotes.

  • HeX

    Discord, PLEASE DO THIS.

  • streak1

    I think on top of this it would be a good idea to have server specific statuses, similar to how we can already have server specific nick names. That way you can moderate the new feature without having to change your status for all servers.

  • VAL

    Anyone not on board with this being added needs to see this and see why this feature either needs to be removed or some kind of moderation against it. Even something as simple as banning certain words.
    It's a joke!

  • SufiDarwish

    As someone who runs a moderately large server with 30k members that tries to stay moderately Family Friendly this has been an absolute nightmare. Its unbelievable discord could roll out an update like this without some way to even slightly mass moderate the feature.

    Some suggestions for fixing this:

    1) Have a Server Setting to toggle all whether every user displays a status or not.

    2) Tie permissions to show display Status in a server to a role permission.

  • VAL

    Totally agree! It's getting ridiculous now. I've seen some real messed up statuses within the last 12 hours. Moderating a family friendly server with a lil over 6.5k members is getting impossible.

  • tacey

    exactly, sure you have to use common sense to when changing a status but if you’re in 15+ servers there will be times you can’t take all rules into consideration.

  • ActionScripter

    A big +1 to this request.

    I run a server with a rule against derogatory language. Getting people to avoid breaking that rule in discussions has been relatively simple. As soon as the custom statuses arrived, all hell broke loose. I've already had to hand out a ban over it, and it could have been avoided if not for the unhideable global statuses. 

    There should be a flag for server owners to disable custom statuses on the server's user list - preferably overridden by roles. 

  • rSeven

    Also definitely support this. I'd also appreciate the ability to hide them on the account level -- I find them somewhat distracting. I like seeing them in PMs, but not on servers. 

  • _wukong_

    I suggested a role permission for this. "Show Status" role permission, when checked off it won't show the user's status on the list.

  • Dillarcu

    It seems to me that such tickets have gathered enough for the developers to see it)

  • ImRoyal_Raddar
    Good idea for server mods
  • Suli

    Please add a function so servers can choose not to show status!
    Too many people are using inappropriate words/phrases in their status and links we don't want the kids going to, which is their right, but for younger viewers it is not appropriate. Can we get a way to shut it off bu server please? This way we do not imfringe on their rights but still keep our server family friendly/
    Thank you

  • charitwo
    Do you mean turn off ALL statuses? If so, that is not okay. Maybe if you could only hide it per user.
  • Yosi

    This really needs to be fixed, makes it too easy for people to have inappropriate content on servers.

  • Skyler

    What I want is a feature at my own account level that works like this: a checkbox that says

    [x] Do not display custom status messages on any friends or any servers I have joined

    This feature should, as a consequence, clear any custom status YOU may have, and prevent you personally from setting one until this option is again disabled.


    Call it a 'SFW' button, which, based on the utter lack of policing and ability to do so that exists (to say nothing of how Discord might police inappropriate statuses on people at the global server level, which hasn't even been outlined or explained)...please just give us this.

    Discord, you've opened Pandora's box here.

  • Skyler

    > Do you mean turn off ALL statuses? If so, that is not okay.

    My vote is that most certainly at the server level, it should be okay, allowing to stand what I also said about my personal ability to block these for everyone everywhere at my own account level.

    What Discord has essentially done by releasing this feature without the ability to block per server is said 'Surprise! We just gave your moderators something new to have to moderate, oh, and by the way, you can't actually moderate them short of booting a user. We also aren't allowing you the decision of whether you want these on your server in the first place. gl;hf!'

    ...kinda not cool, IMO.

  • Waffle_Zone

    We need a way to turn statues in either personal settings and/or discord settings

  • NooneACC

    yes ii fully agree



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