Add a slider for the resizing of emojis


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  • Koi_YTP

    Not only does it make some emotes ugly that weren't before, this update is a nightmare for server mods in servers where emotes are used often like me as it means that it the number of emotes considered spam feels much lower, making emote spam much easier.

  • Violet

    Please at least add a toggle for this, other chat services that have provided large emojis at least have a switch to toggle them on and off.

  • Naruto ほかげ

    In my opinion, we need to be given an option to where we can change the Emoji size to our own accord since some people like the big emotes, and some don't.

  • cbn

    i absolutely love it but a client-side toggle would be a great option with large being default of course

  • Bryn

    Agreed, I hate the big emojis, they're awful. Please change them back or give us an option to keep them small! 

  • sarukah

    Yes, please make a toggle/slider option, that way everyone wins. I was also thinking about resubscribing to Nitro but absolutely will not with emotes taking up so much space that theyre terribly obnoxious. Im not paying money to annoy the heck out of everyone with more emotes. I dont even enjoy using emotes on their own lines now with them so big, its really sad.

  • 🐺Magnusmm1999🐺

    We need a Toggle or Size slider for the emoji's they are just too massive.

  • FrozenPuffle

    Not only this, but I also think that if possible, there should be a way to have a slider for both emojis and gifs. Currently I think the gifs look nice when bigger, but the plain emojis are just too much.

  • KOL

    Sliders are delicious, also I would like one for the Emoji size... I mean why introduce a change that people can't roll-back? That's not user-friendly at all. You're basically forcing someone to eat a 10% beef slider when they wanted 100% beef and have been eating 100% beef sliders since the beginning. In other words, introduce an option for big emojis so people who like them big can have it big with the default option being small like they normally were.

  • sausage

    Awfully large, please revert. Default should be how they were before, but sure, add a setting to make them twice as big.

  • darkut

    Please add an option for emote size. The new one is way too big for my liking but I can see how others might like it.


    You don't fix the problem of not seeing enough of the emotes by forcing them to be twice the size on everyone, you fix it by giving people the option to choose the size they want displayed on their end.

  • Ariele

    I absolutely agree with this, the big emotes are actually a nuisance.

  • Sparkles

    I 100% agree with this, I hate these big emotes as they clutter the chat so much.

  • SSteven

    Yes, I agree... New Emoji size is VERY BIG...

  • 123456789qwerqwe

    Indeed. Even Skype has enough decency to let us disable these obnoxious atrocities. Please Discord, let us disable large emotes.

  • ccherias

    something like this would be a good solution

  • Jussiboe

    I also agree. the big emotes are really annoying. not to mention some emotes looks creepy af now...

  • Jussiboe

    i completely agree. the big emotes just ruined the chat tbh.. they were the perfect size so why.. JUST WHY!?

  • BatoviNikov

    Definitely should be a thing

  • Naxi

    Don't you see what you did? Even I am here. 

  • Nutchapol

    I remembered that there was someone complaining that emojis were too small, even the wumbojis. they had to remove quite a lot to make a meme recognizable as a custom emoji


    dumbasses, there's a reason why emoji designs are simple

  • Derin

    also just a note: this suggestion can be tweaked i just felt like the idea of it should be floated out there


  • Amnesiac

    Yea disable button would be nice

  • Telendar

    Personally I don't like them at all and I always try to fit a small message next to an emote just to avoid the large awkward version.

  • Sinopia

    I always disliked the lack of detail you could put in emojis, because they were so small. Now they're huge, and it feels like I'm being attacked by emojis every time someone posts one. It takes up so much space that it's actually aggressive, like spam. Just two emotes posted feels like worse spam than if you'd posted 5 emotes in the original size.

    I imagine this is also tricky for artists to deal with, considering many emotes were likely made specifically for the original size of Discord's emojis. For their sake (and really just for general eye-pleasing for any new user) it should be the smaller size by default. If you're hell bent on keeping the big size, then sure, make an option, make everyone happy. The only problem is that people sharing emotes will see them very differently from each other, which is especially rough, once again, on the artists. Especially those trying to sell their work. I don't think formatting options in Discord have ever done anything like that before.

    Not a good move from my perspective. Funny how much the little things can matter.


    I always thought the emotes were small (we couldn't see the details of some larger emotes), but oh my these are too large. It was an interesting look at first, but after 10 minutes it became very annoying. It looks very spammy especially on mobile (yes it is coming to mobile as well). A slider would be very welcome or at least add a switch, so we can turn off these Jumbo emotes or what they are calling it...

  • Yosi

    I'm glad you guys agree. Once I saw the update myself, I was pretty against it. I don't see why they needed to change it. 

  • jen🎀

    Yes, this is entirely unacceptable. They need to revert this change ASAP.

  • Catsu

    The size completely shocked me. Please add an option to disable it, or a slider. No one asked for this, it's not an improvement.

  • Kastytis

    Yeah they look stupid now. All the bad crops in the emotes weren't visible when they were small but now they are clear as day and annoying. Not to mention that all the "combo emotes" will now take up EVEN MORE space. I can easily see other servers banning people for putting 3x3 emotes because they'll consider it spamming.


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