Add a way to turn off the new, "interactive" chat box.


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  • nand

    Seconding this. Not only is it needless, intrusive, and annoying - it's also horrifically broken. Ever since the updates, copy/paste has been working extremely unreliably. Half the time I can't paste into discord at all, and other times, the resulting pasted string is completely mangled and malformatted. It was way better before the change and I want a way to disable it.

  • seanblue

    I would also like a way to permanently disable this feature. I have to put up with this feature every day in Microsoft Teams and it's absolutely terrible. Not having this feature is one of the reasons Discord was superior to Microsoft Teams, so I find this to be a huge step backwards. If anything, having a "preview" button (like GitHub does for its issues) would be much better, but having nothing (like before) would still be better than auto-converting the markdown.


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