Pay Discord Nitro with Google Play / App Store Balance



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  • DJ1eye28

    Me to, I really hope they add it soon, I think the reason you cant use Google play balnce with Google pay is cuz it links you to a browser. If it was inside the app it would allow you to use Google Play balance. For example this vpn app it let's me use google play balnce using Google pay as its inside the app, not using a browser. I think discord needs to add that then it would work just fine.

  • DJ1eye28

    Oh, nvm theres no way to add an attachment but you probably know what I mean. But on IOS you can use an iTunes gift card to pay for nitro, but not on android yet. Once again, I hope they add real soon.

  • Random

    Yeah I can use Google Pay but I cant use my Credit that I have on my Account. If you select Google Pay as the Payment Method it just selects the Creditcard connected with your Google Acc (As I mentioned in my Post) 

  • Asobi

    Yea this should really be a thing.
    I don't mind if the price is a bit more since Google takes a share either.
    It would just get so many people that don't have a CC or use paypal to get Nitro. (Especially in Europe this is a bigger issue).

  • iAppreciateYou

    Yes we need it.


    +1 on this one, we need this as a feature, as iOS can do this with iTunes gift cards.

  • DJ1eye28

    iOS already can

  • Bus

    I definitely agree with this. I have both IOS and Android but I like to use android more for discord. Please discord, for all of these epic discord users and servers, make it possible on Android. 

  • Yuki

    Too bad tho, i think if they add google play balance thing, it make it easier to purchase nitro, also its a benefit for them, 

    Ehem, They got more money

  • Scara

    +1 this should be a thing i bought a gift card just for this

  • liquidfreewater

    I know.  I literally bought $20 I googleplay, only to find out I can't use it! I was gonna buy Nitro. Now I'm mad, pls add that 😔

  • Ice

    I just went and got a $30 giftcard and now i cant use it i was going to do multiple giveaways and get my self nitro but now i cant so now i dont have anything to spent it on :(

  • Dmitri Shepilov

    Or they Could make a Discord gift card.

  • Miles

    +1 Definitely needed.

  • exhight stâr

    Please add it I want to buy nitro too 😶

  • Moscow

    Im waiting discord to add it

  • I wish there was..

  • ☽ Gløry

    Umarım yakında eklerler.

  • Darke

    I've been needing this feature for quite awhile, hope it gets added

  • ᵐⁱᵐᵉᵒʷ

    they should been added it

  • spectre

    Should've already been added.

  • Coreia do Sul Ball

    Yes. Google Pay

  • DJ1eye28

    Yes, but Google Pay doesn't let you use Google PLAY credit, it still makes you use credit/debit card or PayPal.

  • Naoshi

    And not only google play giftcard but also google play billing method especially globe telecom since most of us here don't have giftcards, please consider this

  • Jarcrafted Stuff

    +1 Now I have $10 sitting in my account and I can't use it

  • I agree. It's much easier for younger users to pay with Google Play card instead of any Credit Card. I was so happy to finally pay for Nitro, but instead it showed Google Pay instead of Google Play. I hope they add it in so I can spend my money. 😄

  • ellomate

    Still waiting...

  • Everyone with Android be waiting.😔

  • noob cessna pilot

    I just sensed discord a mail. Hopefully they will respond

  • DJ1eye28

    Alright, tell us what they say


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