Screenshare/Stream keeps crashing


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  • huoiung

    New to Discord and was experiencing the same issues as everyone here. I'm using Windows 10 with an NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics card. Here's what worked for me:


    1. Right-click anywhere on your desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel

    2. Within the Manage 3D Settings page, select Program Settings

    3. Select Add, find Discord, and select it

    4. Select the second dropdown menu and select High-performance NVIDIA processor

    5. Start up (or restart) Discord and the problem should be fixed


    Another solution that worked for my colleague:


    1. Run Windows Update to get the latest security patches

    2. Start up the GeForce Experience app (if you don't have it, you might have to install it)

    3. Download and install the latest update

    4. Start up (or restart) Discord and the problem should be fixed


    Hope this helps!

  • That1Shoutmun

    I'm on macbook and experiencing the same problem. I've tried a bunch of stuff like turning of Hardware acceleration and removing and downloading discord again. No matter what it still restarts the moment I hit go live

  • NaGeL

    It's happening to me too.

    I have an AMD RX 480


    the strange thing is Windows reports RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64 event, but discord doesn't crashes! it just restarts with the same PIDs that its 5 process uses...

  • MoldyCheese

    Same here, i try screen sharing and streaming, but it always pauses a couple seconds in, and then crashes for me. i have to close discord and then restart for it to work again.

  • PROX

    BREAKING NEWS Disable your "Use our latest technology to capture your screen" under video/audio settings. This is what was causing the problem for me. It might work for you guys too.

  • Sub

    I'm having the same exact problem as Danny Devito, every time i screenshare or stream, my Discord freezes and i have t close it completely. Please tell me what to do.

  • Goso

    I'm currently having the same issue that sata expresses with the just entering the stream causing discord to crash, kick me out of the channel, then reset, and finally reconnect me without streaming. 

  • Kain-Maxey

    I'm having the same issue. Any time I try to screenshare anywhere, it restarts the whole thing. I've found out it has something to do with using sound.

  • SomeoneUnknownHere

    Same problem as Kain. Streaming or screensharing anything causes discord to crash and relaunch.

  • Kingler

    I'm currently having the same problem. I CAN share my whole screen, but when I try to stream individual tabs, Discord closes and reloads. 

  • Kain-Maxey

    I did what "altaccount" said, and it did not work.

  • extrakris

    Looks like this is a cycling issue that pops up every few months. Another member of my group and I are having the same issue, but the other two in our group aren't having any issues at all...

    I've tried everything listed in the multiple threads about this, nothing has worked. Anyone heard from Discord if there's another update coming to help fix this?

  • mimii

    This problem has just occurred to me too. Every single time, whether the application version or the browser version, discord refreshes, or if I'm using the browser version, it closes chrome. Every single solution I've seen has been for GeForce graphics cards. My computer is Intel. I really hope a solution pops up soon.

  • 𝔪𝔞𝔫𝔤𝔬

    Discord screenshare is just garbage and it always has been. If it's not one problem, it's another. 
    I've just started using Kosmi for screenshare. 

  • Crazed_Pilot

    Yea, i also get this a lot, and its super annoying. the moment i hit the button to start the stream, BAM, the app closes and relaunches. However, for me, the browser version works just fine. no problems at all


  • Cody712

    This started happening a few days ago for me as well. Streaming applications crashes discord, but streaming the screen does not. 

  • Lya

    Having the same problem. I've tried enabling/disabling Krisp. I've tried enabling/disabling the H.264 hardware accel. I've tried disabling the appearance hardware accel. I've tried other servers. I've tried updating the GPU drivers, (Discord says they are out of date but Nvidia says otherwise). I've tried updating codecs and the program that I'm streaming (but it crashes on all programs, so...)


    It will stream the screen, but with no sound, it's pointless.

  • Cody712

    Just got a discord update, seems to be fixed.

  • so apparently my own screenshots are not allowed by discord so I will have to type it

    1. go to voice and video in your user settings

    2. disabled BOTH options under VIDEO CODEC 

    3. change the AUDIO SUBSYSTEM from STANDARD to LEGACY

    if this doesn't work for you don't get mad at me im just trying to share how I fixed mine

  • Rocks the Squirrel

    Something to try for those having this issue as I was with one game.

    • Goto Settings>Voice & Video
    • Find the "Voice Diagnostics" section
    • Turn off "Use our latest technology to capture your screen"

    This fixed the issue for one of the games I had crashing but may not be the solution to all crashes everyone else as it was the only game that was doing this for me to test it on.

  • ℝ𝕒𝕚𝕛𝕚𝕟

    I have located a fix to my particular issue. Nothing had seemed to work, but I facerolled my fuckin' keyboard and now it works.

    For real, though, all I did was go into Video and Voice, turn off Noise Suppression and the Video Codec options and now everything works fine.

  • Impostor

    I've tried everything on this community post and I still can't screen share, I don't know what to do and it seems this problem has been going on for a while, can someone please help me? I need this feature to do school work and I don't know what to tell my teachers anymore.

  • 𝕳𝖎𝖗𝖔

    Everytime i press my screen share button and select which screen to share as soon as i press okay the whole discord crashes and then opens discords and im back to square one

  • MLC
    I had a similar problem, but when i started a screen sharing of some game, the game just crashed.. 
    it started working again when i disabled the option "use our latest technology to capture your screen", but that left the screen sharing with a horrible quality.
    Then I found out it was an incompatibility with RivaTuner's "Stealth Mode".
    After disabling RivaTuner's Stealth mode everything went back to normal. Hope this helps if anyone else has this problem. =)
  • Psyco_Tronic

    I have the same issue. All was perfectly fine and since 2 weeks every game crashes when i start to broadcast them on Discord. Tryed many Tipps out and nothing solved the Problem for me. Clean Install from Discord. Deactivated Use or latest technology etc. And i´m using the latest driver for my graphic card




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