Pictures not loading.


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    Just chiming in to say that i'm seeing the same problem, upload of images to discord appears to be having issues, taking a long time to upload, sometimes getting the "poop" image indicating a failure. 

  • DiamonDeni💎💙

    !!!!! pleqse fix this, Doscord support. if there even is anyone fixing anything. this seems pretty major and yet we have 2020 and we cant run a fking social media app in a way that works.... seriously loading pictures???? u cant make that work lol.

  • The Great 何!

    I am having this issue as well and we are now in March. Discord, stop dropping the ball, forget your stupid Nitro crap and help with the REAL PROBLEMS!

  • King Fluffy Buns

    Well now I've got it... Just a few minutes ago, no pictures are loading on any of the discord servers I'm a member of. But it only fails to load images on my PC, the mobile app works just fine. 

    I've tried quitting discord and reopening, and also tried rebooting the PC and still the same, just the loading squares spinning and eventually a poop icon. 

    Please help.

  • fireclawz



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