Blocked Messages Be Actually Blocked!


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  • ThreeNice

    That sounds like more of a relationship problem than a discord one.

  • Lyndseybug

    I agree 100%. Discord needs to make people just completely blocked...since ya know...they are blocked for a reason probably and its not always a relationship issue...its also sometimes people being a bit toxic >.>

  • Noxxie

    I second this. The point of blocking is to remove that person's presence from you entirely. I get that Discord is a chat room and fully blocking someone may lead to confusing conversations, but I'd rather have that than see "1 blocked message" every other message.

  • Calliope

    I'm completely ok with the "blocked messages" bar, I just don't want to click it. I don't want the temptation of looking at the garbage I blocked in the first place. I would also be ok with their comments being removed entirely.

  • Cydramech

    I'm in complete agreement.

  • Ichiki Hayaite

    What baffles me is how we have been asking for that function for LITERAL YEARS, and what do they do? They *highlight* it even more with the latest UI update. It's ridiculous, it's like they want to mock us.

  • Speeder323

    An addition to this: When you block an user, it will give you a toggle switch. That switch will make the Blocked Messages Tab visible or not, so you can now select who deserves true eradication from your screen and who you just don't want to see currently.

    Some people can be this "special type" of people that you never want to see. Problem is that they are still "there", showing up in the Blocked Messages tab. I don't want to break the ToS just to not see a person type messages on Discord, like come on.

  • Fledermaus

    Maybe Discord can just add on Option in the Privacy Settings or something like that. Some kind of "strict Blocking mode" where just that ""show message" is missing. I agree that the actuall mechanik kind of supports more toxic in Discordchannels instead of avoiding it.

    When you just add an mode Users can decide if they have the opportunity to easy read the blocked message or if they completly dont see it (except of that [Blocked message] thing)

  • Cheesecake~

    Wow! I did not expect this to blow up! Thank you so much 💕

  • Cheesecake~

    Because it'll get discords attention!

  • Nozemi

    This semi-blocking Discord has now is ass. What's the point of seeing "1 blocked message", then be able to click it to see what it says. The whole point of blocking someone is to not see their messages.

    Downside of blocking and not be able to see messages is in chats with multiple people. You can see someone conversing with nobody. Though I'd say that's up to you. If you want to see the messages again, you need to unblock the person.

    I'd personally not want to see any appearance at all from people I block. Currently I don't even block people, because it's so useless.

    But if Discord were to implement this, I think it'd need some configurability. Some people probably want to see that there are messages being blocked in a channel. Though the option to reveal them shouldn't be there.

  • hels

    I agree. I block people for a reason. I don't want them knowing my movements, or what I am up to.Yet, they can just carry on as normal, click a button and see everything anyway? That is creepy. Really, really creepy

  • KarKitty

    also, having your messages be blocked for them aswell. tried it and they were still able to see it all. maybe having the entire chat history deleted, or atleast the option to, when blocking someone would be great

  • Kai.

    there is a person who is constantly toxic to me on a server and staff didnt do anything beside a verbal warning (yet) and i just want an option to completely remove blocked messages, defaults to off but i care more about not seeing his messages than being able to follow chat

  • Zombie_Siris

    This feature has been demanded for years. The fact that they have not made it an official feature shows that the developers are either too incompetent at their jobs, or simply too toxic to understand the need for a permanent block.  My bet is on the first one.  

  • YosufRP

    The fact this ISN'T a thing is so annoying especially when it should be! Block = BLOCKED | Divider, not let's temp you to read the messages... like we want to make sure we can't see or hear from them again. Like the blocked messages thing TEMPS me so much, like just remove it or add a feature where i won't see it. Yes my self control sucks.

  • kkgskms

    I truly not understand why there is no this option. Can you imagine "1 blocked tweet" on Twitter? There are always fucking trolls on Internet and this kind of platform definitely need the intense blocking feature.

  • EvilSpark

    I'm seeing people request it since ages, but devs don't give a f*ck to it. I really hate it when whole page is covered with those blocked messages things.


    Ive blocked them because i do not their toxicity. Not to play hide and seek.

  • Calliope

    I will say, due to some recent issues I have had in communities, being able to open the messages is going to help me with a ToS breech in a game I play. However, I have these people stalking me through different discord communities. It really limits my enjoyment in those communities and the game because I have to be on guard and mods only react retroactively. =/

  • TG_Maks

    So, where the reaction from the developers ?


    So mamy threads and messages about this problem and still no reaction.



  • Danielle

    Totally agree. Blocked users should just be blocked. I don't need to know they're posting anything, I don't need the option to open their messages, I just don't want to see them anymore. I came here to say this exact same thing.

  • Steinwerks

    Count me among the "where's my real block feature" crowd. This is absurd and I don't want to just watch trolls take over when the admins are busy or away.

  • mkaito

    When I block someone, I want them gone, not turned into clickbait "3 blocked messages" boxes.

  • lovell

    agreed , the whole point of blocking someone is to completely "block" their presence

  • ---

    Its really annoying to see those "blocked messages" everytime. Please give us the option to hide this trash.

  • NyNu

    100% agree

  • jimmyl


  • Carynn

    The reason for blocking is to actually block people, not show a tease that basically says "you know you really want to read me".  Please make a blocked person fully blocked!

  • This system emboldens harassment. Not only does blocking somebody harass you, it weaponizes the harasser knowing they can stack up a bunch of nonsense under all your messages. Blocked users still light up channels for new posts (they become bold). Blocked users can be PINNED and your setting to block them can be disregarded. This system of blocking is literally the worst of any chat protocol that has been developed. This is a HUGE flaw.

  • Calliope

    What do you mean? I can still "show message" for the PC app. It does appear as though messages are fully blocked in mobile though. Did I miss an announcement somewhere?


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